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White-spotted tussock moth, Orygia thyellina

Eradicated from New Zealand.

  • White-spotted tussock response - how good was it?
    From Forest Health News 127, March 2003. A full account of the eradication programme for white-spotted tussock moth was recently published and is now available in the public domain*. Subsequent to this,…
  • Goodbye tussock moth!
    From Forest Health News No. 76, July 1998. The white-spotted tussock moth is gone from Auckland's eastern suburbs. Operation Ever Green, established in 1996 to eradicate the pest, winds up…
  • Orygia colony destroyed
    From Forest Health News 75, June 1998. Shortly after the white-spotted tussock moth (Orygia thyellina) was discovered in Auckland in April 1996 a laboratory breeding population was set in up…
  • Every moth matters - the eradication of white-spotted tussock moth
    From Forest Health News 72, March 1998. Some of the most voracious immigrants are insects which are capable of adversely affecting imports and exports, tourism, agriculture and horticulture and the…


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