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Cleobora mellyi, the southern ladybird

Articles and Reports

  • Forestry ladybird helps horticulture?
    From Forest Health News No. 224, April 2012. Cleobora mellyi, an Australian ladybird was introduced into New Zealand from Tasmania in 1977 for control of the eucalyptus tortoise beetle, Paropsis…
  • Cleobora mellyi
    From Forest Health News 234, March 2013. Cleobora pupa Cleobora larva Cleobora eggs In April 2012 Forest Health News (No. 224) reported that the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln started trials on the use…
  • Control of eucalypt and blackwood pests with the southern lady bird Cleobora mellyi - a possibility?
     Farm Forestry Association Eucalyptus Action Group and Acacia Melanoxylon (Blackwood) Action Group, MAF Sustainable Farming Fund Grant 2004/2005 and 2006: Contact person: Dean Satchell, RD1 Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand. Phone (09) 407…
  • Report on field trip to the Marlborough Sounds 17-19 October 2005
    Kaiuma Bay Adult Cleobora on Eucalyptus at Kaiuma Bay Cleobora larvae on Eucalyptus at Kaiuma Bay Most Cleobora ladybirds were collected here, and were relatively abundant on both the eucalypts and…

Tree Grower articles

  • Southern ladybird gets a second chance
    Toni Withers and Lisa Berndt, November 2010
    Efforts by NZFFA members and Scion to encourage the spread of biological control agent, Cleobora mellyi, could be good news, particularly for blackwood growers. A recent survey finds the helpful…


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