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New Zealand Tree Grower, February 2015

  • Working to reduce injuries (Access: unrestricted)
    Julian Bateson
    This is a bit of a different article on safety. For a change it is at the beginning of the magazine and introduces a series of other articles on the…
  • Independent forestry safety review - What does it mean for us? (Access: unrestricted)
    Peter Berg
    At the launch of the review panel’s report on 31 October in Rotorua there were almost 400 people present, including representatives from all sectors of the forestry community. There were…
  • Forestry safety – problem or solution? (Access: unrestricted)
    John Stulen
    Forestry’s dreadful experience of 10 deaths during 2012/2013 abated during 2014, hopefully for some considerable time. With the unwelcome media attention it has been challenging for all those in the…
  • The Forest Owners Association response to the safety review (Access: unrestricted)
    David Rhodes
    The Forest Owners Association welcomed the results of the Independent Forest Safety Review released at a launch in Rotorua at the end of October. The report and its summary were…
  • Drug and alcohol problems for workers in small-scale forestry (Access: unrestricted)
    Kirk Hardy
    Small-scale forest owners often employ contractors to work on their properties. Whether planting or harvesting, it is essential that workers are not impaired by drugs or alcohol and especially when…
  • A family project growing radiata pine (Access: unrestricted)
    Tony and Chree Barker
    In the May 2014 issue of Tree Grower an article covered the harvest of Tony and Chree Barker’s trees in 2013. This article explains how and when the land was…
  • Councillors’ meeting in November (Access: unrestricted)
    Nick Ledgard
    Most people would think that a meeting about management and governance concerning an outfit like the NZFFA could only be boring. It was therefore a surprise to many attending that…
  • Biosecurity is very important (Access: unrestricted)
    Wink Sutton
    During my Canadian secondment from 1992 to 1994, I attended a meeting addressed by the then Chief of the USDA Forest Service who talked about the major biological threats to North American…
  • Insurance for forest and rural fire liabilities (Access: unrestricted)
    Jeremy Manks
    All individuals or businesses are exposed to liability for damage or personal injury caused by fire. However the Forest and Rural Fires Act imposes extra liabilities within rural fire districts.…
  • Action groups weekend field days in the Bay of Plenty (Access: unrestricted)
    Julian Bateson
    It was dark and stormy night more than once during the week before the action groups weekend. However, we did not have to worry. The Bay of Plenty turned on…
  • Three wood councils bringing small-scale forest owners together (Access: unrestricted)
    Hamish Levack, Trevor Helson and Brent Apthorp
    New Zealand already has two successful wood councils – the Southern Wood Council and the Eastland Wood Council. The Southern Wood Council was set up in 2001 to promote, encourage…
  • Consistent rules for plantation forestry (Access: unrestricted)
    Julian Bateson
    I attended one of the recent workshops for small-scale forest growers organise and run by Ministry for Primary Industries. The aim of the exercise was for more consistent rules across…
  • Emissions Trading Scheme alive and kicking weakly (Access: unrestricted)
    Stuart Orme
    The ETS is alive and kicking, sort of. The latest advice from the government is that the ETS is here to stay. The guide price suggested for New Zealand Units…
  • Fighting the gum leaf skeletoniser from the inside out (Access: unrestricted)
    Toni Withers, Belinda Gresham, Lisa Berndt and Michelle Harnett
    A tiny wasp, Cotesia urabae, is becoming established in a number of places in New Zealand as a biocontrol agent to control the gum leaf skeletoniser, Uraba lugens. The gum…
  • President's Comment (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Jackson
    Welcome to a New Year, one in which the NZFFA will enhance its position as an important part of the forest industry in New Zealand. We are the only established…


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