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New Zealand Tree Grower, August 2017

  • The levy funded Fire Committee
    Geoff Cameron
    The NZFFA has been represented on this committee for a number of years, giving small growers a say on a small but important component of forest and land management at…
  • Update on recent biosecurity problems
    Peter Berg
    Eucalyptus variegated beetle and myrtle rust On 8 March 2016 a eucalyptus foraging beetle new to New Zealand was collected by SPS Biosecurity as part of the forest owner’s levy…
  • Forestry and a capital gains tax
    Wink Sutton
    Both the Labour and the Green political parties are considering a capital gains tax. Calculating the capital gains on property, shares or other products may appear to be relatively simple.…
  • President's Comment
    Neil Cullen
    It was a rewarding experience in June to visit the Mystery Creek Fieldays and see the work done there by Murray Downs and his team from the Waikato Branch in…
  • Soils underpin the future of our forests
    Simeon Smaill and Michelle Harnett
    Soil forms the foundation which supports the forestry industry. Managing the mix of minerals, microbes, moisture and organic matter which make up soil to get the greatest tree growth while…


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