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Douglas fir

Please note: Some of these reports are restricted access.

  • Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species (final report)
    SWP-T090 - Access: unrestricted.
    December 2019
    Changes in the moisture content of wood changes its dimensions. The magnitude of these changes (dimensional stability) can have a large impact on how the wood performs in service. Poor…
  • Implementation of genomic selection in provenance/progeny test of Douglas-fir
    SWP-T084 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    June 2019
    Two Douglas-fir progeny trials planted in Kaingaroa and Gowan Hill in 1996 were assessed in 2007 and re-assessed in February 2017. Since this material contains genetically broad material coming from…
  • Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species (interim report)
    SWP-T074 - Access: unrestricted.
    May 2019
    Dimensional changes caused by changes in wood moisture content (dimensional stability) can have a large impact on how the wood performs in service. Poor dimensional stability can lead to cracking,…
  • LVL Stiffness Calculator User Guide
    SWP-T059 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2018
    This software is only intended to be used as a decision tool that enables questions to be asked about the potential suitability of a wood resource being able to supply a range of LVL grades.…
  • Evaluation of the Ernslaw One Douglas-fir progeny tests
    SWP-T049 - Access: unrestricted.
    May 2018
    This project evaluates a Douglas-fir open-pollinated progeny trial established on two New Zealand sites (Gowan Hill and Tramway), using seedlots from three Oregon (US) seed zones. The material was measured…
  • Thermal Modification of Douglas fir for Improved Durability
    SWP-T047 - Access: unrestricted.
    May 2018
    Douglas fir has been thermally modified at two temperatures; 220°C and 230°C (each for 2 hours). These modifications are expected to improve the durability of the sapwood, while maintaining the…
  • Douglas-Fir Optimised Engineered Lumber (OELTM) Trial
    SWP-T007 - Access: unrestricted.
    July 2016
    The OELTM (Optimised Engineered Lumber) technology produces structural products with known, uniform and reliable properties. There is financial advantage derived from the fact that all the merchantable OELTM production output is certified…


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