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Initiation of genomic selection research, collection of cambium and extraction of DNA from a Douglas-fir breeding programme

By Jaroslav Klápšte, Ki-Taurangi Bradford, Natalie Graham, Emily Telfer, Dagmar Goeke, Mari Suontama, and Heidi Dungey , June 2017.

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Executive summary

The implementation of genomic selection (GS) in a Douglas-fir breeding programme has been initiated within the Specialty Wood Partnership Programme (SWP), to explore the potential for genomic tools to increase Douglas-fir competitiveness for the New Zealand forest industry. The project was initiated by revision of the current breeding programme and selection of suitable field experiments to create a robust genomic selection training population.

The field experiments identified as suitable as a genomic selection training population, cover most of the genetic diversity of Douglas-fir deployed in New Zealand forestry. The progeny tests established in 1996 were defined as the most suitable, and phenotyping and collection of samples for DNA extraction was performed during the current financial year (16/17). The other material to be incorporated into the training population will be discussed further after consultation with industry partners.

DNA was extracted from cambium due to inaccessibility of needles with a DNA extraction protocol optimized to achieve DNA quality and quantity sufficient for genotyping through next generation sequencing platforms.


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