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Expert Advisory Panel review of the SWP programme - 2017

By Glenn Howe, Kevin Harding and Andy Buchanan, July 2017.

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Executive summary

The project has many strengths and a few weaknesses (detailed in the body of the report). The main strengths include active industry/research collaborations, strong science, and a large team with diverse expertise. The main weakness is insufficient focus on activities that will have the greatest impact on achieving long-term project goals, particularly related to identifying and developing products for international markets. Research must be based on whole forest systems, each being the full chain from the forest resource, through processing, to products and markets. Thus, we recommend that the project strategically re-evaluate the forest systems included in the project, with the aim of re-focusing activities on the weak links in key forest systems. This will enhance the confidence of growers, processers, and markets in investing in these forest systems. This confidence is critical for substantially increasing the planting of SWP species.


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