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Newsletter 79, March 2015

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Farm Forestry Newsletter
   March 2015  No. 79
In this issue

Future of Agriculture

NZ Dryland Forests Initiative wins Marlborough Environment Awards

NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards 2015

“Stage One Entries Open”

FSSS Online Seminar



Ian Jackson
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Dean Satchell
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Angus Gordon

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Neil Cullen
-Mid Otago
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-Men of Trees
-Sthn High Country (south)

Hamish Levack
-Gisborne East Coast

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-West Coast
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Latest headlines

Global call finds NZ forest policies wanting: Forest owners and wood processors world-wide are calling for governments to recognise the role of forests and wood products in combating climate change. Forests and climate change is the theme… more >>

Forest safety council underway: The forest industry has established a safety council to make forests safer places to work. This was a key recommendation of the Independent Forestry Safety Review Panel that reviewed forest… more >>

Trees, soil and you: A new survey has been released by Scion to capture current industry opinion regarding the value of soil data to forest managers, as part of the Growing Confidence in Forestry’s… more >>

Scion scientist helps control recent Marlborough fire: Modelling systems developed by Scion were used during the recent Onamalutu forest fire to effectively and safely manage fire fighting efforts. Wildfires are a significant risk to New Zealand forests.… more >>

Latest blogs

We do not need a Resource Development Act, Chris Perley
The CEO of BusinessNZ Phil O’Reilly (Dom Post 13th Jan) calls for what would be essentially a Resource Development Act to replace the Resource Management Act (RMA). He exposes his mechanical worldview – we are, along with the rocks, mere grist for the mill – and it is a wrong and dangerous one. more >>

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NZFFA Conference 2015 - Trees from Coast to Coast.
Monday 20th to Friday 24th April 2015, Whangarei, Northland. Contact: Richards and Wilma Davies-Colley 09 434 7725
Registration:  Conference page >>

This conference event is not to be missed!

Some Conference speakers on the Monday afternoon, starting at 12.30:

Warren Parker,  CEO Scion;  “Forestry in New Zealand  a world view, potentials, opportunities, and threats”.

David Rhodes,  CEO NZFOA;  “ Forest politics, the FOA/FFA partnership, the forest growers levy, ETS, and the workings of the forest industry”

Russell Dale,  R&D manager FOA/FFA research committee; “Forest research under a forest growers levy”

Aoife Martin, Director Forestry and Land Operations, MPI;  “ update on government policies and the National Environment Standard process”

Other upcoming events:

For more information on these events they are posted on the website >>
Branch secretaries, please make sure you notify head office of any branch or action group events.

  • Middle Districts Branch field day24 March, Patrick and Merlene Anderson's behind Shannon
  • Growing Confidence in Forestry's Future (GCFF) Conference 2015: 24-25 March 2015, Hagley Park Function Facilities, Christchurch. This conference will present the latest results of the various projects carried out under the GCFF research programme
  • Swiss Needle Cast Workshop - What we know, what we can do: 26 March 2015, Christchurch, Dovedale campus, University of Canterbury, Christchurch.
  • North Canterbury Branch field day: 26 March, Craigieburn and Flock Hill
  • Mid Otago Branch AGM and field day: Saturday 11 April 2015, 1 pm, Hindon Hall
  • Joint NZ Institute of Forestry & Institute of Foresters of Australia annual conference
    "Beyond tenure: managing forests across the landscape" Host: The Institute of Foresters of Australia, Monday 13th to 15th April, 2015, Novatel Forest Resort, Creswick, Victoria, Australia
  • Manuka and Profitable Marginal Land Use seminar: Wednesday 6th May 2015, War Memorial Conference Centre, Napier, 9.00am- 4.30pm. Programme and registration >>
  • NZ Timber Design Society Conference: May 13-15, Tait Communications Building, Christchurch.

Future of Agriculture

Former Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Morgan Williams discusses environmentally sustainable development, resource efficient systems and issues facing agriculture. More >>

NZ Dryland Forests Initiative wins Marlborough Environment Awards

The New Zealand Dryland Initiative Project won the Supreme Award at the 2015 Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards Dinner on Friday 13 March in Blenheim. More>>

NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards 2015 - Stage One Entries Open

Enter Now - Entry Form click here >>

Showcase your examples of timber design excellence. This is New Zealand’s only Timber Design award event and allows engineers, architects, architectural designers and builders to showcase innovation using timber.

NZFFA is sponsoring the NZ Indigenous and Specialty Timber Award.

One of the two new categories "Excellence in Engineered Wood Products" has been added to the award categories, due to growth of engineered timber buildings in New Zealand.  The second NZ Wood new award is "Novel Application of Wood Award" for using new wood products or systems in a manner that characterises its unique features. You will also notice that "Exterior Innovation" has incorporated "Infrastructure" to the category

FSSS Online Seminar, Thursday 26th March  2015, 10.30 – 11.30 am

“Fire & Water: An Update on New Zealand Water Quality Research and USA Wildfire Investigations”

This seminar has three components. The first two address water quality in plantation forests. First, a review of water quality in plantation forests gives the current state of knowledge of how forest management affects the quality of New Zealand’s streams, rivers, and lakes.
The second part of the seminar discusses results from two years of monitoring the movement of the herbicides hexazinone and terbuthylazine from a reference catchment in the central North Island after aerial application.
The third part of the seminar deals with research in the USA on the landscape-scale soil and water effects of a high severity wildfire in Arizona.

SCOPIA setup instructions: At the time of the meeting, please follow the access method described below. Any issues, ring Katrin on 021648640 (will be at seminar directly and is point of contact).

1.      Install Scopia - go to
2.      The “Join Meeting” Window will appear

a.      Enter your name
b.      Meeting ID is 6014
c.       Click ‘participate now’

3.       You will be asked for a PIN number – this is 1234

Please note:
This meeting will become available to join on the Bridge 10 mins prior to the start time.
To test that your software and hardware are setup correctly beforehand, visit our KVCS Test Room at (testroom – 6222)


Disclaimer: Personal views expressed in this newsletter are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the NZ Farm Forestry Association.




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