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Seminar on forestry organizational reform, 30 September 2011

More than half a million hectares, which was afforested in New Zealand during the planting boom of the 1990s, and owned by 15,000 small scale forest proprietors, will be ready for harvest in the 2020s. Can these owners be encouraged to cooperate to convert their projected spike of production into sustainable regional wood supplies? Will the government need to regulate to ensure it happens?

Papers from the seminar:

  • Small Scale Forest aggregation is the key to the expansion of processing capacity and adding value. (pdfHamish Levack
  • What happened at the Forest seminar on forestry organizational reform. (pdfHoward Moore
  • Forestry derivatives – one way to consolidate small scale, privately owned forests. (pdfHoward Moore
  • What is the NZFFA’s role in facilitating well-designed New Zealand Forestry Cooperatives (pdfHamish Levack and Howard Moore
  • Forward–selling the harvest from a commercial forest: a step towards forestry co­operatives (pdfHoward Moore
  • NZFFA submission on Cost of Bush abolition to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Forestry, 23 March 2010 (pdf)


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