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  • Growing Paulownia
    NZFFA Information leaflet No. 26 (2005). Based on a Waikato Farm Forestry Association April 2010 fielday and Forest Research Institute Bulletin No. 231, Paulownia Handbook (2007). This leaflet Summarises 15 years…

Paulownia Handbook

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species
Forest Research Bulletin No. 231, 2007 [pdf] »
Barton, Nicholas, Eckroyd
Chapter 1: History and World Distribution
Chapter 2: Paulownia in China
Chapter 3: Recognition
Chapter 4: Genetic Improvement and Species Comparisons
Chapter 5: Climate and Site
Chapter 6: Nursery Practice and Propagation Techniques
Chapter 7: Establishment
Chapter 8: Pests and Diseases
Chapter 9: Silviculture
Chapter 10: Growth and Yield
Chapter 11: land Use with Paulownia
Chapter 12: Timber Utilisation and Marketing
Chapter 13: Future Role

Tree Grower articles

  • Whatever happened to Paulownia? (Access: unrestricted)
    Rod Laurence, November 2007
    Back in the 1990s, Paulownia was hot. A quick growing hardwood tree that originates in China, Paulownia timber has been highly valued in China and Japan for centuries and trees…


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