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New Zealand Tree Grower, November 2019

  • President's Comment
    Hamish Levack
    The world needs forests, forests need forest owners and forest owners need to support each other. This was more or less Prince Charles’s message relayed by his head forester, Geraint Richards, at…
  • Getting more out of your radiata pine woodlot Mid-rotation fertiliser use
    Graham Coker and Harriet Palmer
    Owners of small forests who grow radiata pine stand to benefit from levy-funded research into tree nutrient balances and the cost-effectiveness of applying fertiliser at different times throughout a rotation. The research…
  • The Dryland Forests Initiative enters a new phase
    Paul Millen and Harriet Palmer
    The NZ Drylands Forest Initiative has released its new strategic plan. Since 2008, they have been working towards the vision of developing sustainable regional hardwood industries based on eucalypts which produce highly durable…


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