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New Zealand Tree Grower, February 2022

  • President's Comment (Access: unrestricted)
    Graham West
    I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year break and you got to enjoy the lifestyle and passion you have with forests. Many of you understand the…
  • Alternative species foray into Northland - Covid be damned (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Hamish Randle with Rachel Rose
    This was another Vaughan Kearns special. The memorable itinerary took in outstanding woodlots from near Waipoua Forest in the west all the way north to Taipa. Covid-19 was an obstacle.…
  • Sweeter than The Sound of Music He Waka Eke Noa (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Howard Moore
    The Sound of Music was enormously popular. Many people watched it again and again and I can still remember at least seven words from the song Do-Re-Mi. The film seemed…
  • Farm Forestry Conference Timaru 2023 - A brief history of farm forestry in South Canterbury (Access: NZFFA membership)
    As most of you will probably know by now, the proposed NZFFA conference for 2022 in Timaru has had to be postponed. This decision was made just as the Tree…
  • In the wake of the Council (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Howard Moore
    Well, Covid ruled and the NZFFA mini-conference in Rotorua planned for the end of November was replaced with a zoom call. It was not as useful, but think of the…
  • Birds and exotic trees in the Mackenzie Basin (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Nick Ledgard, David Henley and Eckehard Brockerhoff
    There is much questioning about the effects of introduced conifers on New Zealand’s biodiversity. This is also the case regarding their role relative to supporting bird life. This article records…
  • Research on non-durable eucalypts Specialty Wood Products Research Partnership (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Marco Lausberg and Harriet Palmer
    The Specialty Wood Products Research Partnership is a seven-year programme which draws to a close in June this year. The programme has focused on four species and groups – Douglas-fir,…
  • Grants for 2022 from the Forest Growers Levy for small-scale forest growers (Access: unrestricted)
    Julian Bateson and Howard Moore
    Each year the Forest Growers' Levy Trust collects around $9 million from the levy raised on the sale of every tree harvested. The amount varies as you might expect, but the…
  • A diverse sustainable dairy farm and forestry landscape (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Murray Downs
    Trees in agriculture, and in particular a dairy farming landscape, are a hard sell, especially when it starts to take up the productive area of a paddock. The question for the…
  • Mechanised production thinning of radiata pine - A viable option for small-scale growers (Access: unrestricted)
    John Schrider and Jack Palmer
    This article is the third in a series looking at mechanised harvesting options for small-scale forest growers. It is on a work study carried out to assess the productivity of a…
  • What is all the talk about hybrid cypress? (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Vaughan Kearns
    New Zealand has a growing market for naturally durable softwood timber. This under-supplied market demands non-treated, chemical free wood. How long chromated copper arsenic treatment of radiata pine will be acceptable to consumers is not known, but this treatment…
  • National Forestry Herbarium at Rotorua (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Matt Buys and Elizabeth Miller
    The Latin word arium is a forming noun denoting a place. So, for example, aquarium literally means water aqua place. Solarium, is a sun sol room. Sanitarium is a place where…
  • Raising native seedlings contained in forest duff (Access: NZFFA membership)
    John Herbert
    This article was first published in Tree Grower in 1978. It has been slightly amended but is virtually the same as when it was first published. With the current increased interest…


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