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Husqvarna Farm Forester of the Year awards

Julian Bateson, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2019.

It is getting close to the time when the Husqvarna awards are judged before the winners are chosen and announced at the conference in May. Normally, by this time, the nominations should have been put forward by the relevant branches so that there is plenty of time for the judges to make their assessments. However, it is never too late to send in nominations. If they are too late for this year they can be carried over to next year.

Husqvarna have been sponsoring these awards for over 30 years with the first sponsorship in 1988. Before then there were awards for the best farm forester of the year but the sponsor was Sachs-Dolmar.

The prize, as most of you will know, is a Husqvarna chainsaw. For the past few years this has been an electric chainsaw which is the way of the future – no vibration, no fumes, low sound and very low running costs. There is also the prestige for the winners of being awarded one of the NZFFA’s top awards. The NZFFA has enjoyed working with Husqvarna for all these years and hopes the partnership will continue well into the future.

It seemed to be a good opportunity to list all the Husqvarna award winners since they started in 1988. They are shown in the table below. We all get to see who the winners are at the conference and in the Tree Grower, as well as those who attend the field day which the winners are required to host within a year of the award. However, memories are short, and a reminder of the quality of the winners seems appropriate.

Year Husqvarna North Island Farm Foresters of the Year Husqvarna South Island Farm Foresters of the Year
1988 Murray King Graeme and Joy Flett
1989 Bob Berry Arthur and Gwen Hyde
1990 Kitty and Peter Parsons Kay and Jim Steven
1991 Parry Thorby John and Anne Mackay
1992 Denis Hocking John and Pat Bayne
1993 John and Orrel McIntyre Ken and Caroline Stevens
1994 Kevin and Beverley Thomson Dugald and Mandy Rutherford
1995 Tom and Dora Hartree John and Rosalie Wardle
1996 Kipper and Esther Holt Brian and Anne Marsden
1997 Nick and Pat Seymour Graeme and Helen Cook
1998 Don and Viv Tantrum Don and Joan Gordon
1999 Jeremy Thomson Michael and Michelle Anderson
2000 Paul and Jenny Hill John and Helen Nicholls
2001 Alec Olsen and Heather Bell Alistair and Kate MacIntosh
2002 Dougal and Diana McIntosh Ally and Lin Campbell
2003 Donald and Louise McIntyre Nick and Biddy Ledgard
2004 Peter and Nancy Coates Eoin and Noeline Garden
2005 Michael and Audrey Hay Warren and Elizabeth Scott
2006 Kees and Kay Weytmans Don and Jan Wyllie
2007 Jim and Coralie Davies John and Betty Greenslade
2008 Ray and Brace Newman Chris and Julian Dawkins
2009 David and Ngaire Bryant John Purey-Cust
2010 Gordon Perry George and Terry McMeeken
2011 David and Cloie Blackley and Gabrielle Walton Neil and Pam Cullen
2012 Roger and Daphne Redington Dennis and Margaret Larsen
2013 Meg Gaddum and Bob Wishart Charles and Sandy Wiffen
2014 John and Diny Dermer Graeme McArthur
2015 John and Sue Upton Graham and Pam Hunter
2016 John and Christine Pedersen Bevan Walker and Nora Flight
2017 Dave Forsyth Mark and Marjorie Hay
2018 Dean Satchell Terry and Claire Gavin

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