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New Zealand Tree Grower, August 2023

  • President's Comment (Access: unrestricted)
    Neil Cullen
    The forestry outlook seems to be covered with dark clouds. Export log prices are in the doldrums with many commentators speculating that the Chinese building boom, which has dominated markets and taken…
  • Conference field visits Balmoral Station and Mount Cook Station (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Julian Bateson
    The conference field days were over three months ago. Those who went to Balmoral Station and Mount Cook Station are unlikely to forget the superb weather and excellent presentations. This…
  • Opportunities from trees (Access: unrestricted)
    Dougal Morrison
    The NZFFA ran some pilot forest extension workshops in 2022, funded by Te Uru Rakau – New Zealand Forest Service. After some very positive feedback the NZFFA were asked to…
  • Forestry Hub at the National Fieldays in 2023 (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Neil Cullen
    Just seven months on from our first participation in the National Fieldays Forestry Hub, the NZFFA was back again in June this year. More than 20 members gave up their…
  • The Emissions Trading Scheme muddle (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Hamish Levack
    The government has made major but opaque proposals to change the Emissions Trading Scheme to rectify supposed design errors. Temporarily at least, this has resulted in turmoil. But regardless of…
  • Identify forest pests with a totally free app (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Abigail Evans
    What if I said you could get an app that helps protect your business, your livelihood and the environment? Something that is easy to use and totally free, no strings…
  • Harsher than Stark It is He Waka Eke Noa (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Howard Moore
    If you enjoyed the series Blackadder, you will know Ben Elton as a writer with sharp eye for the ridiculous. He is a cynical comedian, is a close associate of…
  • A weekend with the NZFFA Patron Eric Appleton (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Cynthia Barnard
    In the last issue of Tree Grower there was a very brief summary of the action group field trip in February. This article has a bit more meat, or perhaps…
  • NZFFA Branch reports from 2022 (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Howard Moore
    It is time again to celebrate the branches, and share their annual reports. It is rather trite to say that the branches are the NZFFA, but no group exists without…
  • Mechanised thinning pine to waste - An option for small-scale forest growers (Access: unrestricted)
    Jack Palmer and Sam Taylor
    Thinning radiata pine is a standard silvicultural practice. Traditionally the work has been undertaken by manual crews but as forestry becomes more mechanised, these crews are increasingly scarce. Forme Consulting…
  • Supporting land owners - a new forestry advisory service (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Te Uru Rakau – New Zealand Forest Service
    Want to plant some trees but do not know what to plant? Do you have some trees that you want to register in the Emissions Trading Scheme but not sure…
  • The need to prune trees for high value timber (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Vaughan Kearns
    When I first took over what is now Ruapehu Sawmills, my first opportunity for log supply was Cupressus macrocarpa, the now iconic shelterbelt species commonly called macrocarpa.   ‘It is only…
  • A guide to blackwood (Access: NZFFA membership)
    This is another of the species guides prepared to help new growers understand which tree species would probably do well on which sites. A fuller version of this guide for…


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