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New Zealand Tree Grower, August 2020

  • President's comment (Access: unrestricted)
    Hamish Levack
    We are very grateful to Graham Milligan, Roger Washbourn, Lyn James and the rest of the Southland organising committee for planning the 2020 NZFFA conference in Invercargill, and then coping with all…
  • Developing a strategy for the cypress forest industry (Access: unrestricted)
    Marco Lausberg and Harriet Palmer
    The cypress industry in New Zealand is at a critical juncture. Macrocarpa remains a favourite timber and one of the few alternative species timbers which is certain to find a market.…
  • Growing, processing and marketing smaller durable hardwood logs Australian style (Access: unrestricted)
    Mark Wright, Jon Lambert and Harriet Palmer
    In the May 2020 edition of Tree Grower, we reported on the progress of the NZ Dryland Forests Initiative in developing short rotation regimes for selected durable eucalypt species. The anticipated markets…
  • Neil Barr Farm Forestry Foundation aiming in right direction (Access: unrestricted)
    Nick Ledgard
    These days I seem to be getting a lot more queries about forestry and trees on farms than I have for some decades.  The reasons are the rising role of trees in…
  • Stumpage contracts or selling forestry rights (Access: unrestricted)
    Tiffany Robertson
    Many of you may see the benefit of selling some of your assets and retaining others and it may be a good way to free up capital during these uncertain times. However, caution should…
  • Forest for sale? Getting a fair return (Access: unrestricted)
    Howard Moore
    Selling trees can be a bit like mating pandas. It seldom happens, there is a question of trust and the result may be unsatisfactory. When it is successful everyone is delighted, but screams…
  • NZFFA proposals for the forestry sector following Covid-19 (Access: unrestricted)
    Howard Moore
    Coming out of lockdown the government asked us all to ‘spend up large’ to start money flowing and protect jobs. My wife responded with enthusiasm and spent nearly $10,000 on…
  • Are farmers missing out on wealth from forestry? (Access: unrestricted)
    Graham West
    The average farmer works extremely hard to create wealth for themselves and others. They face adversity of all types but get up each morning determined that growing more grass and…
  • Emissions Trading Scheme back to basics (Access: unrestricted)
    Forest 360
    This article is the first of two which aims to remind readers of some of the questions which will help you identify whether the Emissions Trading Scheme is right for…
  • Forestry lifestyle blocks: Subdivision opportunities and pitfalls for sellers and buyers (Access: unrestricted)
    Hamish Levack
    Subdividing a rural property is a complex process and you will probably have to jump through a number of hoops to succeed. Although district and regional councils provide useful guidelines…
  • Bringing cypress to the fore (Access: unrestricted)
    Rachel Rose
    This article adds a lot more detail to the article on the Cypress Development Group weekend which was in the May Tree Grower. The future of cypress in New Zealand…
  • Cypress trials at Don Tantrum’s property (Access: unrestricted)
    Dean Satchell
    Don Tantrum planted and mapped several cypress trials on a range of sites on his farm near Taihape from 1990 to 2000, collecting promising material from around New Zealand. He…
  • The log traders Bill is more than a mouthful (Access: unrestricted)
    Don Wallace
    On 14 May 2020, on the day we moved down to Covid-19 alert level two, the Hon Shane Jones, Minister of Forestry, introduced under urgency the Forests (Regulation of Log…
  • A world of aromas: Wake up and smell the trees (Access: unrestricted)
    Michelle Harnett
    Most of us look at plantation forests and see the wood, and perhaps paper and cardboard. We do not think about plastics, petrol or pharmaceuticals but these and more, can…


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