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Fir (Abies spp.)

  • Abies grandis project report, January 2022
    Vaughan Kearns, January 2023 (Access: unrestricted)
    Last year the Cypress Development Group (CDG) was successful in obtaining funding for more research into Abies (true fir) species. It was directed in two directions. Firstly there was a need to collect…
  • Abies grandis bending strength and stiffness, October 2023
    Dean Satchell and Vaughan Kearns, October 2023 (Access: unrestricted)
    *DRAFT* X Abies grandis trees were harvested at ---- during (month) 2022. The trees were transported to Ruapehu sawmills and sawn into 100mm x 50mm boards, air dried and graded…


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