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Howard Moore's blog

  • Me, thee and the PCE
    May 2021
    Simon Upton was surprised by my remarks on his address to the March NZFFA conference. He invited me to talk to him, not to congratulate me on my brilliant analysis…
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  • Lets play Simon Says
    March 2021
    I was shaken at the Conference by Simon Upton, who suggested that both the He Waka Eke Noa team and the CCC were thinking about having a levy on agricultural…
  • Discussion points for a meeting with Dr Rod Carr, Chairman of the Climate Change Commission
    January 2020
    As a new item for my blog, I offer a briefing paper that Hamish levack, Egon Guttke and myself gave the Chairman of the Climate Change Commission prior to a meeting…
  • Stanton Park
    November 2019
    Since 1979 the Wellington Branch of the Association has had access to a 5 ha area of forest land called Stanton Park.  In the 1970s the Wellington City Water Board…
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  • 50 Shades of Green protest march - Why trees?
    November 2019
    Three of us counter-protestors took our pro-forest placards, marched with the 50 Shades protest and stayed for the speeches on the grounds of Parliament.  There were no scuffles or harsh words. …

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