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Christchurch hospital will soon be using biomass fuel

Monday, March 11, 2019, Brian Cox's Blog

The decision by the Canterbury District Health Board and the Government to install two biomass fuelled boilers at Christchurch hospital to replace the existing coal fuelled boilers demonstrates the increasing growth in the use of biomass to replace coal and natural gas.

The decision provides a show of confidence in the availability of biomass fuel into the future and the capability of the biomass fuel suppliers to reliably deliver specification fuel to meet demand.

The installation of yet more biomass fuelled heat plant in Canterbury is providing the demand pull that is encouraging biomass fuel suppliers to grow their capabilities to source and supply fuel.

The growing pool of heat plant fuelled by biomass in Canterbury is also providing the critical mass necessary for having adequate levels of advisers and service providers in the region.

Government has signalled that it wants a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from process heat so it is encouraging to see that its own investment decisions are making Canterbury a role model on how 20 PJ of coal and gas could be replaced by biomass fuel by 2050. It is great to see Government ‘putting its money where its mouth is’ with regard to reducing emissions.  Such investment leadership will encourage business to also move to use more biomass energy.

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