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Newsletter 128, December 2020

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   Newsletter 128, December 2020
In this issue

NZFFA Pulse Survey Report

Forestry Knowledge Hub seeks your input

National Environmental Standard for Plantation Update

Forest Growers Research Conference Update


Hamish Levack

Immediate Past President
Neil Cullen
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-Mid Otago
-South Otago
-Sthn High Country (south)

Newsletter editor
Dean Satchell
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National Office
Liz Chamberlain
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Graham West
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Michael Orchard
-West Coast

Patrick Milne
-North Canterbury
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Don Wallace
-At large

Egon Guttke

Peter Berg - Co-opted
-Far North
-Mid North
-Lower North

Howard Moore - Co-opted


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NZFFA Conference 2021 “Trees in a political landscape”

Wellington 24 to 28 March 2021 

Programme includes:

  • Interest Group Meetings
  • Council Meeting and AGM
  • A day of speaker sessions and panel discussions
  • Two and a half days of field trips
  • Options for port visit, botanic gardens or Zealandia
  • Eastern Wellington region field day
  • Western Wellington region field day

Register Online

Awards Dinner


For more information on these events, they are posted on the NZFFA website >>
Branch secretaries, please make sure you notify head office of any branch or action group events.

  • WOOD AVAILABILITY REGIONAL MEETING | NELSON & MARLBOROUGH  8 December 2020 Beachside Conference Centre from 10-2pm It’s been a long time since we last did a Wood Availability Forecast, so MPI have decided to team up with Margules Groome…
  • Middle Districts Field Day  Saturday 16 January 2021 Don Tantrum has organized another very interesting day in the Taihape area where will be visiting 2 properties in the Pukeokahu District. Some interesting properties and…
  • Lower North Branch AGM & Field Trip  Saturday 20 February 2021   Save the Date Davis' Property Helensville.
  • Lower North Branch - Gibbs Farm Tour  Friday 19 March 2021 A charitable fundraiser for the Port Albert Settlers Museum, co-ordinated by Peter Berg. This is an opportunity to tag along with other members of the public.…


NZFFA members can set up their own blogs on the NZFFA website. Email Dean.


  • Ministry Roots In Forestry November, 2020. The Minister of Forests, Stuart Nash when speaking at the annual Farm Forestry Awards last Tuesday, announced he had started his career in farm forestry and as a student pruned trees in…

Reports (Members Area)

Market Report November 2020


President's comment, November 2020

  • By the time you read this, it will probably be less than a fortnight before our AGM and Councillors’ meeting in Wellington on 17 November. It will cover all the business planned for the cancelled Invercargill conference. A one-day workshop will follow which…
    More »


NZFFA Pulse Survey Report

Jeff Tombleson presented his findings from the NZFFA Pulse Survey Report to the Annual General Meeting in November.  See his findings here.

NZFFA Pulse Survey Report


Forestry Knowledge Hub

Kia ora NZFFA members.

Te Uru Rākau are making a new online resource aimed at providing easy to read information on the forestry sector that supports the planning of Forest projects. We are working with the Forestry Sector to make this useful and tailored to your needs.

Thank you to those that participated in our survey back in May, it helped us understand how people would find information on the new website.  We are now ready to build the website.

We are looking for volunteers to help us make sure this website looks, feels, and reads well for our customers.  Over the next few months we are asking people to test the website and give us feedback.  You don’t need to be tech savvy, just an interest in accessing useful information.

How will we do this?

We will set up a convenient time with you to show you the website (over zoom or face to face) and seek your feedback.  You will only need to do this once.  There are 4 sessions over the next 4 months – so the more volunteers the better!

If you are happy for us to contact you please drop me a line at My team and I will answer any questions you may have and then provide your contact details to our design agency to set up a convenient time.

We very much appreciate your time and involvement to get this right.

Kirstie Lester| Senior Programme Manager

Forestry Knowledge Hub - Vision


National Environmental Standard for Plantation Update

Plantation foresters will need permission or consent for activities in any new areas covered by the updated Fish Spawning Indicator

The National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) use the Fish Spawning Indicator (FSI) to determine where and when fish that are sensitive to disturbance are spawning. The information in the FSI clearly sets out when a forestry activity that potentially impacts on fish spawning is permitted, and when it will need a consent.

The FSI will be updated on 24 November 2020 through a notice in the New Zealand Gazette and will come into force on 22 December 2020. This planned update will incorporate new fish presence data, which will improve the accuracy and increase the area covered by the FSI.

Changes that will be included in the FSI update

FSI category of information
Changes to the FSI
Data on non-migratory species habitat range provided by the Department of Conservation
  • Up-to-date fish observation records from NIWA and the Department of Conservation
  • Inclusion of new source material since the NES-PF was gazetted
Data on freshwater species habitat range from NIWA’s NZ Freshwater Fish Database
Modelled fish habitat ranges to fill in data gaps provided by NIWA

Effects of FSI update

Where an additional stretch of river or stream is identified as having protected fish present and spawning, a forester wishing to carry out an activity has the following options

Effects of FSI update

Where an additional stretch of river or stream is identified as having protected fish present and spawning, a forester wishing to carry out an activity has the following options:

  • alter the planned activity (e.g. constructing a river crossing), to avoid disturbing the bed of the river or stream;
  • time the activity to avoid the spawning season;
  • have a suitably competent person1 undertake a survey to determine if fish are present in the area of intended forestry activity; or
  • apply for a resource consent.

Timing of update to FSI

The FSI on the MPI website will be changed to reflect the update. The update will be available from 24 November 2020, and will come into legal force on 22 December 2020. This will give users of the NES-PF and FSI time to update their processes and practices before the update comes into force.

Next steps – what do you need to do?

Forestry activities that potentially have an impact on fish spawning times must use the updated FSI to comply with the NES-PF.

From 22 December, foresters will need to apply the updated FSI to their activities.

Foresters will need to ensure their activities comply with permitted activity conditions or seek resource consent if they cannot meet the conditions for a permitted activity.

If you are in any doubt please contact your regional council for advice, or you may wish to seek independent legal advice.


Forest Growers Research Conference Update

The annual conference (13th - 15th October 2020) was held virtually. Statistics indicate that we had well over 160 people join the webinar, which proved informative and enjoyable.
Summaries and videos of all conference presentations are now available on the FGR website –  
Forest Growers Research Conference 2020 »


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