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Newsletter 123, December 2019

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   Newsletter 123, December 2019
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Forest Growers Research Update, December 2019

Woodlot Analysis Tool available online

Worksafe - Woodlot harvesting on farms

Tell us what you think about our Forest Strategy - Te Uru Rakau


Hamish Levack

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No change in Levy Order for 2020
Under the Commodity Levies (Harvested Wood Material) Order 2019, the Forest Growers Levy Trust (FGLT) has set the levy payable for the 2020 levy year (1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020) at 27 cents per tonne of harvested wood material (exclusive of GST). The levy rate has remained at 27 cents since the implementation of the Levy in 2014.
Forest Grower Levy Trust (Inc)
PO Box 10 617
Wellington 6143


For more information on these events, they are posted on the NZFFA website >>
Branch secretaries, please make sure you notify head office of any branch or action group events.

  • Middle Districts January Field Day 2020  Saturday 18 January 2020 10.30am Powderhorn Chateau Ohakune Mountain Road Meet 10.30am for a complementary morning tea at the Powderhorn Chateau.  Here we will view the magnificent wooden architecture inside. We will…
  • Cypress Action Weekend in 2020  Saturday 29 February & Sunday 1 March 2020 The Cypress Development Group is having an action weekend on Saturday 29 February and Sunday 1 March 2020. We will be at Don…
  • Tree Crops Association's National Conference  Auckland, 27-29 March 2020 Celebrating Diverse People, Crops and Food...  Providing Food Security in a Changing Climate Featured Speakers: Derek Craig - Forest Gardening Cherylle Prew - Soil Food Web Mark Christensen…
  • Oak Action Group Open Days April 2020  Saturday 25 April to Sunday 26 April 2020  Hackfalls Arboretum and Eastwoodhill Arboretum, the National Arboretum of New Zealand Join the Oak Action Group on Saturday 25 April to Sunday 26 April 2020 for a…


  • Stanton Park Howard Moore's blog, November, 2019.  Since 1979 the Wellington Branch of the Association has had access to a 5 ha area of forest land called Stanton Park.  In the 1970s the Wellington City Water Board…
  • 50 Shades of Green protest march - Why trees? Howard Moore's blog, November, 2019.  Three of us counter-protestors took our pro-forest placards, marched with the 50 Shades protest and stayed for the speeches on the grounds of Parliament.  There were no scuffles or harsh words. …
  • Growing Trees in Hadley Cells – or Not Shem Kerr's blog, October, 2019.  I want to grow some trees that would with minimum risk quickly and profitably produce hard naturally ground durable timber in and for uncertain climate change…
  • Why I became, and remain, a clearwood advocate Wink Sutton's Blog, October, 2019.  Only recently have I become aware of the concept of unique special product or proposal. However, I now realise that for most of my forestry life I have been seeking…

NZFFA members can set up their own blogs on the NZFFA website. Email Dean.


President's Comment, November 2019

  • The world needs forests, forests need forest owners and forest owners need to support each other. This was more or less Prince Charles’s message relayed by his head forester, Geraint Richards, at the ANZIF conference in August. Geraint also said that, in spite…
    More »

Forest Growers Research Update, December 2019

FGR Conference: Summaries and videos of all conference presentations are available on the FGR website.

2019 Annual Research Report: The report provides an overview of the large and complex research programme that the Forest Growers Levy supports.

FGR Science and Innovation Strategy document released – ‘A Science and Innovation Plan for the Commercial Forest Growing Sector 2019-2035’ will guide the Forest Grower Levy Trust’s investment in research, and provide an important statement to other funding agencies on industry research priorities. The three key strategic priorities identified are as follows:

  1. Ensuring that we increase profitability from our main commercial species (radiata pine and Douglas-fir).
  2. Ensuring the long-term sustainability of commercial forestry through realisation of value from emerging species (both exotic and indigenous trees) and developing new models for forestry.
  3. Future proofing commercial forest growing in New Zealand.


Woodlot Analysis Tool available online

A new on-line Woodlot Analysis Tool (WATS) has been produced by Dr Glen Murphy and is freely available on the FGR website. Forest Growers Research and the Forest Growers Levy Trust funded the development of both WATS and an on-line booklet called “How to market and harvest your woodlot for profit”. This is available on the website underneath the calculator in a pdf format, and has had additional input from Prof. Rien Visser, University of Canterbury School of Forestry.

The user pinpoints where his/her woodlot is located on a digital map, gives a basic description of the woodlot, and then enters representative log grades to be harvested, anticipated yields and the log prices.

WATS then reports expected gross and net returns and costs associated with the harvesting and cartage of wood from the woodlot to the wood buyers.

The tool will help those new to harvesting to get to grips with the different elements of the harvesting process, and the magnitude of the various financial flows. It is, however, recommended that woodlot owners engage a harvesting and marketing professional to get the harvesting done.

Using retrospective case-studies, WATS has proved to be pleasingly accurate. Glen and Rien hope to run some workshops for woodlot owners on how to use WATS in 2020.

WATS can be found on the FGR website (top right on the home page) or under calculators. It has been designed to run on desktop or mobile systems such as tablets and smartphones. However, please note it does not work on Internet Explorer browser.


Worksafe - Woodlot harvesting on farms

Three useful downloads that will help you manage harvesting woodlots safely:


Tell us what you think about our Forest Strategy - Te Uru Rakau

Find out how to take part in setting the direction for Aotearoa New Zealand's forest system over the next 30 years and beyond.


Disclaimer: Personal views expressed in this newsletter are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the NZ Farm Forestry Association.



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