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Secretary: Dean Satchell
33B Skudders Beach Road
RD 1
021 2357554
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Eucalyptus Action Group reports

  • Report: Engineered E. nitens flooring
    Dean Satchell, April 2020 (Access: SWP technical committee,Eucalypt)
    Two types of engineered flooring were produced from Eucalyptus nitens grown in Southland by SouthWood Exports Ltd. The E. nitens was 19 years old, grown under an unpruned pulpwood regime and milled in…
  • Report: methods and sample preparation for mechanical testing of durable eucalypts
    Dean Satchell, March 2019 (Access: SWP technical committee,Eucalypt)
    Six durable eucalypt species were tested for strength and stiffness according to radial and vertical position in the tree. Sixteen year old trees from Northland were harvested, sawn, dried, and…
  • Report: Methods for preparing timber for durable eucalypt graveyard and cellar trial
    Dean Satchell, April 2016 (Access: unrestricted)
    This report describes the methods used to prepare heartwood samples from six durable eucalypt species for durability testing. The species were E. bosistoana, E. quadrangulata, E. pilularis, E. sphaerocarpa, E.…
  • Report: Eucalyptus nitens for solid timber
    Dean Satchell, May 2015 (Access: unrestricted)
    Eucalyptus nitens is a cold hardy and fast growing hardwood timber species with excellent form. In Canterbury, along with other cooler regions in New Zealand, E. nitens produces high volumes…
  • Report: Improving siting recommendations for farm forestry eucalypts using GIS maps
    Angus Gordon, October 2013 (Access: unrestricted)
    In this page: Project Objectives Maps Approach Main findings from this project The difference this project has made Where to from here? This project set out to collect growth and…
  • Report: Solid timber recovery and economics of short-rotation small-diameter eucalypt
    Dean Satchell and James Turner, June 2010 (Access: unrestricted)
    Eucalypt plantation forestry has not reached the production volume threshold necessary to establish specialised processing facilities and firm markets in New Zealand, despite strong consumer demand for imported hardwood timber.…
  • Report: Eucalypt timber species evaluation
    Angus Gordon, July 2007 (Access: unrestricted)
    In this page: Objectives Approach Description of species Outcomes Discussion of results Appendices Financial report This project set out to test the survival and subsequent growth of a group of…

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