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Secretary: Peter & Nancy Coates
242 Nook Road
RD 4
09 436 5774
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Northland Branch

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Branch member videos

  • Les Carr, Mangamuka, Northland branch
    March 2014
    Les Carr describes some of the successes and pitfalls involved with forestry in his mixed drystock and 90-hectare forestry operation near Mangamuka, Northland, including a joint venture with members of…
  • Brian Simms, Kaitaia, Northland branch
    March 2014
    Brian Simms' farm near Kaitaia in Northland combines grazing with high value trees. Tree species planted include radiata pine, blackwood and silky oak (Grevillea robusta). Brian plants for erosion control…
  • Doug Lane, Kaeo, Northland branch
    March 2014
    On this award-winning property plantings are for timber, aesthetics and to create a pleasant working environment. Trees planted on land that was marginal for stock have made stock management much…
  • Peter and Nikki Davies-Colley, Titoki, Northland branch
    May 2014
    On this 300-hectare sheep, cattle and forestry property, a whole-farm approach is taken - trees are only planted on land too steep or difficult to cultivate. Poplars are planted to…
  • John and Christine Pedersen, Parakao, Northland branch
    May 2014
    The Pedersens have integrated livestock, woodlot and timber-line plantings; trees have been planted on the steepest, driest parts of farm. Main species are radiata pine and eucalypts. Trees have resulted…
  • Peter and Pam Kelly, Dargaville, Northland branch
    May 2014
    This 300-hectare exposed dry coastal sand country is used for intensive beef production.40 ha of the worst land is in production forestry; 4-5 ha in shelter and amenity plantings have…

Articles and reports

  • 2018 North Island farm forester of the year field day - Dean Satchell
    Yvonne Steinemann, October 2018
    Vertically Integrated Forest Operation - Horowai Trust, Purerua Peninsula, Kerikeri High value forest 150 ha, aiming for good quality timber for high end use and a good return Diverse products, harvest thinnings,…
  • Plantation forestry best practice for Northland
    March 2019
    In this page: Siting and species adaptability Plantation forest planning Regimes Forest Establishment Releasing Pruning Thinning The Northland region has the opportunity to embrace positive land use change, in particular…
  • Field day - Doug and Janet Bogardus' farm and Northland Kauri
    Yvonne Steinemann and Dean Satchell, June 2019
    Peter Davies-Colley introduced Doug and Janet at their house while it poured down outside. They built their mud brick and timber house themselves, with some beautiful Lawson cypress beams and…
  • Field day - John Dawns, Titoki
    Dean Satchell, November 2019
    John Dawn has a “small” 44 hectare private investment forest near Titoki, west of Whangarei. After coming back to New Zealand from overseas in ‘94 John decided he wanted to grow…
  • Field day - Killens farm, Kaikohe
    Dean Satchell, March 2020
    14 March 2020. Ross Killen hosted this field day with his father Bruce and Ross's brother in law Shane Tobin. The farm is 300 hectares and running sheep an beef, with mixed-age…
  • Field day - Noel and Christine Donelley's forest, Whareora
    Dean Satchell, May 2021
    Peter Davies-Colley co-hosted this harvesting-focussed field day with owners Noel and Christine. The 100 hectare forest took 5 years to plant in 100,000 radiata seedlings and 25,000 other species, mostly…
  • Small-scale, Low-impact Forest Harvest in Northland, September 2023
    December 2023
    The Northland branch of NZFFA held a well-attended field day on 20 Sep 2023, to demonstrate how a small block harvest can be managed profitably and with low environmental impact. …

Tree Grower articles

  • Husqvarna North Island Farm Forester of the Year 2018 - Dean Satchell (Access: unrestricted)
    May 2018
    The winner of the 2018 North Island Farm Forester of theYear award was not born into land, money, horticulture or forestry. In fact, growing up in suburban Auckland would probably have…
  • Husqvarna North Island Farm Foresters of the Year 2016 - John and Christine Pedersen (Access: unrestricted)
    May 2016
    John and Christine Pedersen live and work on a 232 hectare farm at Parakao, west of Whangarei. The area is typical of much of the northland landscape with pockets of…
  • Richard Davies-Colley remembered (Access: unrestricted)
    Compiled by Peter Davies-Colley, Wilma Davies-Colley and Mike Smith, May 2016
    Richard Davies-Colley died a few weeks after the 2015 conference in Whangarei. He and his wife Wilma took over the registration process for this conference at short notice and helped…
  • Trounson Park (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Brown, November 2015
    When James Trounson emigrated to New Zealand from Cornwall in 1862, he moved to Northland and set about milling trees and clearing land for farming. What distinguished him from most…
  • Swamp kauri – a post 2015 conference visit (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Brown, November 2015
    Nelson Parker, owner of the Kaihu Kauri Mill, is a larger than life character. A former champion axeman, he is built like a Sherman tank with a personality to match…
  • Bushman’s impressive shed (Access: unrestricted)
    Nick Ledgard, August 2015
    I had the Kauri Museum or Trounson Park in my sights for the last conference day, but the need to be back in Whangarei for a mid-day flight required taking…
  • Whangarei Conference 2015 - field days (Access: unrestricted)
    Whangarei branch committee, August 2015
    The annual NZFFA conference was held in Whangarei in April and as usual there were a number of field trips for attendees to take part in. Over the next few…
  • The Landcare Trust Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Forestry 2011 - Ingleby Coxe (Access: unrestricted)
    Angus Gordon, May 2011
    In 1988 an English woman who had lived in Africa for many years came to stay with friends and walk some of the magnificent walkways that New Zealand has to…
  • Good stewardship of land, water and trees (Access: unrestricted)
    Brian Simms, February 2011
    My parents bought half of the present farm area in 1955 for the princely sum of £2,000. This land comprised a couple of hectares of rough grass, a few hectares…
  • Far North field day Re-conceptualising weedy scrub (Access: unrestricted)
    Dean Satchell and Doug Lane, August 2009
    This ex-dairy and drystock property was purchased by Paul and Katarina Quinlan in 1996 and had already been occupied as a lifestyle block for 16 years. Being mostly rolling contour, a…

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