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John Purey-Cust Ponders

  • Too understood to merit a mention?
    December 2018
    In my present abode I don’t see much of trees, but a few days ago I had a chance for a short walk under my beech plantings. Now over 20…
  • Wood and species
    May 2017
    I was encouraged to read in a recent Southland Times that living in a wooden house gives health benefits. The reporter’s name (Natalia Didovich) sounds Russian and Russians like wood,…
  • The forestry message
    March 2016
    I’ve just finished my Monday mail speed-read of the week’s first two Ag freebies. People say that the future of forestry lies with the ‘small’ forest owner but forestry isn’t…
  • Arriving in New Zealand 1962
    February 2015
    I came from Great Britain to New Zealand, to a job in the NZ Forest Service, in January 1962. I left a densely populated country where the original forests were…
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  • Bare Hill's Hauler logging
    August 2014
    A little while ago I went on a field trip to look at a logging operation at Bare Hill, a high and miserable pine plantation on the top of the…
  • Thoughts on silviculture
    June 2014
    My last effort was on the vexed question of whether or not to prune and thin radiata pine. There I think I concluded helpfully that in the end its over…
  • The everlasting argument
    March 2014
    The everlasting argument, whether to prune or not to prune , depends on you. No one who gives you advice knows any better than you, whatever their experience. They can…

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