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New Zealand Tree Grower - August 2016

Treegrower August 2016 cover
Conference field days
  • The Hokitika conference 
  • Matching the trees to the site
  • Viaduct Creek
  • Arahura Valley where the soil may bring you to tears
  • Some impressions from an Australian delegate

General articles

  • Clean water and carbon credits – How to get the most from fencing streams
    Roger May
  • The science or art of forest inventory
    Alan Bell
  • Safety with the new health and safety laws
    Julian Bateson
  • The good wood
    John Moore and Michelle Harnett
  • Is your risk over once you have sold your logs
    Jo McIntosh
  • Neil Barr Foundation enters a new era.
  • Monocultures are natural
    Wink Sutton
  • Transferring and trading your carbon credits
    Hamish Levack
  • Emissions Trading Scheme – A recovery for New Zealand Units
    Lizzie Chambers
  • Land transfers involving the Emissions Trading Scheme
    Stuart Orme
  • Forest biosecurity – What does GIA mean?
    Bill Dyck
  • Log supply demand bringing price variability
    Allan Laurie
  • Nominate someone for an NZFFA award
    Julian Bateson
  • A new era for the NZ Dryland Forests Initiative
    Harriet Palmer and Paul Millen
  • From the President.
  • From the Patron
  • Market report
  • Health and safety
  • Association contacts
  • Membership

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