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New Zealand Tree Grower - November 2021


What the new Emissions Trading Scheme means for land owners
Mathilde Batelier-Belton and Ollie Batelier-Belton

Abies – An update on the Low-down
Howard Moore

A short guide to grand fir

When to plant radiata pine and why
Donald Mead and Rowland Burdon

Safety as farm foresters
Julian Bateson

In front of the Council
Howard Moore

Annual conference in Timaru
South Canterbury NZFFA

Is the harvesting company doing an honest job?
Ian Smith

The Forest Growers Levy and the small-scale forester
Don Carson and Bart Challis

Evaluation of five cypress clones at Silverwood
Dave Askin and Mike Davies

Greener than Shrek − He Waka Eke Noa
Howard Moore

The future of poplar timber
Poplar and Willow Research Trust

Producing posts and veneer from durable eucalypt timber
Clemens Altaner and Harriet Palmer

What is yellow and hairy and eats poplar leaves?
Toni Withers

Breeding oaks for the future
Eric Cairns

A guide for Norfolk Island pine


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