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New Zealand Tree Grower - May 2017

Feilding conference

Awards summary for 2017

North Island Husqvarna Farm Foresters of the Year

South Island Husqvarna Farm Foresters of the Year

Landcare Trust Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Forestry

General articles

Survey of the needs of small-scale forest owners
Graham West and Dean Satchell

Succession planning for small-scale forest owners
Tony Marshall

Eyes in the sky
Michelle Harnett and Jonathan Dash

Improving small plantation and woodlot inventory using remote sensing
Jonathan dash and Michael Watt

Rural and urban firefighters merge
Jo McIntosh

A hitch-hiker’s guide to climate change
Howard Moore

Emissions Trading Scheme − Could it be changing for the better?
Stuart Orme

A safe workplace is free of alcohol and other drugs
Sue Nolan

The Montfort Trimble Foundation opening the forest gate to all-comers
Harriet Palmer

Steady as she goes in the log market 
Allan Laurie

Wensleydale woodlot harvest of an agro-forestry block
Nick Seymour


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