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July, 2019

Report: Small-scale Grower Harvest costs and returns

A previous survey of small-scale forest owners (SSFO) interests (reported in May 2017 Tree Grower) clearly showed a strong interest for more information around the harvesting and marketing segment of forest investment. They also showed an interest in software tools and web delivery of information.

Many farmers provide tales (mostly anecdotal) of woodlot growers receiving poor returns or unethical business practices. Some of this arises from a lack of good benchmark information and general lack of experience in selling forests. It’s often a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The aim of this project was to collate and provide in an easy to understand format, information that assists small growers at the time of harvest to better engage in the process with knowledge and achieve the best possible outcome. This survey would support this by collating and analysing information on woodlot size and location, roading, harvesting, and transport costs, plus stumpage returns. Where possible to demonstrate the above information in simple graphics and a calculator that allows some understanding of the drivers of costs and returns at harvest for woodlot owners. To present this information at the Annual FFA Conference, make available on a website, and give a summary report in the Tree Grower.

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