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October, 2010

Consultation on a Field Measurement Approach for post-1989 forests

Excerpt from Sustainable Forestry Bulletin Issue 20 - 15 October 2010: MAF has issued a consultation document with proposals for a Field Measurement Approach (FMA) to determining carbon stocks in post-1989 forest land. Feedback is now being sought on the proposals.

Consultation is open for four weeks from Friday 15 October 2010 to Tuesday 16 November 2010.

MAF is proposing that the approach be mandatory for post-1989 forests of 100 hectares or more registered in the ETS or the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative. The current approach of look-up tables based on national/regional forest data is proposed to remain for post-1989 forests of less than 100 hectares.

Those using the Field Measurement Approach will need to:

  • apply to MAF for sample plots location co-ordinates;
  • establish permanent sample plots in their forest;
  • take measurements at the sample plots;
  • submit the measurements to MAF;
  • use participant-specific look-up tables that they receive from MAF
  • to calculate forest carbon stocks.

Consultation also covers:

  • introduction of new look-up tables for post-1989 indigenous forest harvest residues and for deforestation of indigenous forest planted after clearing pre-1990 exotic forest;
  • other minor and technical amendments to the regulations.

Submissions close on 16 November 2010.

The consultation document is available at, or by calling 0800 CLIMATE (254 628).

New look-up table for post-1989 indigenous forest

New look-up table values for post-1989 indigenous forest came into force from 1st October 2010. The new carbon stock values can be used for ETS emissions returns and PFSI claims for AAUs submitted from that date.

Participants who have previously completed claims using the historic look-up table values cannot claim back-dated adjustments immediately. A mandatory emissions return covering 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2012 must be submitted between 1 January 2013 and 31 March 2013. This mandatory return will apply the latest look-up table values (or participant-specific look-up table values) to the carbon stock changes for the whole commitment period.

To view the new regulations go to:

Revised publications

Revisions to Afforestation Grant Scheme Guidelines include:

  • limiting the maximum grant application area to 300 hectares; and
  • revised timelines for tender rounds.

Regulation for Agriculture in the ETS

The Climate Change (Agriculture) Regulations 2010 and the Climate Change (General Exemptions) Amendment Order 2010 were approved on 23 September 2010 and are now available at The regulations set out how participants in the ETS will calculate agricultural emissions, and exempt certain sources of emissions from the scheme.

In mid-2011, MAF plans to run workshops for participants around the country to help them understand their obligations.

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