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NZFFA Media Release, February 24th 2011.

Claim your credits

Are farmers with pre-1990 forests so well off they don't need to claim their credits?

The Government has all this money to give away to owners of pre 1990 forests but so far owners of these forests are being very slow to wake up.

Surely by now the message that owners of pre 1990 forests have to make a positive to move to either register for a replanting exemption or claim their allocation credits has got through, but figures from MAF tell a different story. It seems that either MAF have grossly overestimated the area of these forests or that the owners of them are totally unaware of their opportunities and obligations under the Climate Change Response act. I strongly suspect the latter is true. Is this act and the whole emission trading thing too complex? Do farmers and small foresters still just shrug and say that carbon farming is a load of rubbish? If they are doing this they could be missing the opportunity to pick up a free Government hand out of about $1140 / ha. at currant carbon prices.

Under the Governments Allocation Plan owners of pre 1990 forests, that have stayed in the same ownership between 1990 and 2008, are eligible for 60 NZU's. 23 now, the balance after 2012. If the land under the forest has changed hands since November 2002 they will receive 39 NZU's. At the current price of carbon on world market, $19, these allocations are worth $1140 and $741 / ha. All you have to do is register.

The Climate Change Response act also places an obligation on owners of pre 1990 forests to replant after harvest. If the owner wants to deforest he must apply for an exemption, which will only be granted if the forest is 50 ha or less. 2.5 ha or less falls under the MAF radar and owners needn't do anything.

The final date to register is 30 November this year and there will be a waiting list so don't leave it till the last minute.

Of course it would help the Governments fiscal problems enormously if you don't apply.

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