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October, 2015

Understanding more about the New Zealand small block estate

Scion wants to get in touch with small block owners to improve the state of knowledge regarding the size, condition and future of the woodlots around New Zealand

Scion has recently started a programme to more accurately catalogue information about the privately owned small block radiata pine estate in New Zealand. These blocks are generally planted on more fertile sites than the larger forest blocks established by forestry companies, and are therefore better sources of data for identifying the drivers of radiata pine productivity and the limits of site carrying capacity under these conditions. This information will be of value across the whole sector, as it is likely to allow better use of marginal land as well. To start this process, a series of simple questions has been produced:

  • What size (ha) is your stand and when was it planted?
  • Who manages the stand?
  • What is the prime purpose of the stand? (e.g milling the timber; carbon crop; hunting block; erosion control)
  • At what rotation age will you harvest your radiata?
  • Are you planning to replant radiata, or something else?
  • If your stand is less than 10 years old, are you likely to prune and thin your stand?
  • Has your stand been assessed for wood quality, or will it be assessed, prior to harvest?
  • Are you planning any pre-harvest inventory and, if so, what would that involve?

If you are willing to provide any information on your radiata block, please contact Karen Bayne via email:

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