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June, 2017

Research presentations from 2017 GCFF conference

The 2017 Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future (GCFF) research programme conference was held in late March, and all presentations from this event are now available.

Research to improve the precision of nutrition management and chemical use was a focus of the 2017 GCFF conference. Brian Strahm, visiting from Virginia Tech, provided a perspective on the gains in forest productivity made in the South East and Pacific North West of the United States through greater precision in nutrient use. Graham Coker (Scion) presented results from an ongoing series of trials testing the cost-effectiveness of a range of fertiliser options, and also commented on the importance of understanding forest soils to make the best choices. Simeon Smaill (Scion) discussed the outcomes of nursery trials that indicated the potential to reduce chemical use in nurseries while still producing high quality seedlings that are performing as well or better when planted in the forest. 

The development of systems to predict the growth, quality and value of forest stands was also reported. Geoff Downes (Forest Quality Ltd) demonstrated the use of the “eCambium” modelling system, which is being developed to more precisely predict the dollar values of individual trees while still standing in the forest. Bernadette Nanayakkara (Scion) presented results from a new methodology for assessing the processes driving wood formation, and how these processes could be managed to alter the quality and value of the tree. 

Presentations on a range of other topics, including pruning, remote sensing, improved use of beneficial soil microbes, and post-harvest erosion management were also given. To read these presentations, and those mentioned above, please visit the GCFF website.

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