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January, 2015

Research at Scion: What do fire danger signs mean?

New research shows that the iconic fire danger signs may need to be updated to better promote fire safety across New Zealand.

The familiar multi-coloured fire danger signs are a fixture of the New Zealand summer. But a recent study conducted by the Scion Rural Fire Research Group in partnership with the National Rural Fire Authority has shown that many holidaymakers and tourists visiting the country do not grasp the seriousness of the message the signs are trying to communicate, and do not understand if it applies to them. Given that people on holiday are much more likely to use barbeques, light campfires and even use fireworks, this is clearly a group that needs to be more effectively targeted. These research findings have prompted Rural Fire Authorities and the National Rural Fire Authority to develop new TV advertising, YouTube clips, roadside signs and some FireSmart activities that emphasise the importance of fires safety for specific activities.

Announcement date: January 2015


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