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July, 2015

Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future (GCFF) Research Programme

Updating you with the latest research from the programme

Identifying the forest productivity gap, improved management of soil resources and efforts to study water quality in forested areas are a few of the topics in the May 2015 newsletter

The latest newsletter (Issue 3) from the Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future (GCFF) Research Programme includes:

  • a summary of work done with the permanent sample plot network established around New Zealand, indicating that forest growers are missing out on around $13,000 per hectare on average through not properly managing their site;
  • results from a study into the impacts of different types of harvesting and fertiliser use on productivity over multiple rotations, which showed that disruptions to the soil during harvesting have long-term effects on the next rotation;
  • profiles of the various student projects the GCFF programme is supporting, such as research to improve assessments of tree value, improving the resource use of radiata pine and testing methods to get more from beneficial soil microbes.

The newsletter also outlines the cluster groups established to help communicate the results of the programme, facilitating the uptake of new research into forest management. To enquire about participating in a cluster group, please contact

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