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Forest Owners support official scrutiny

Recent assessments of forest workplaces by MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) and ACC have the full backing of the Forest Owners Association.

“Regulation is not the only way to bring about a change in behaviour and fewer injuries, but it is an important part of the total effort and we support the action by government regulators,” says Forest Owners president Paul Nicholls.

“We also appreciate the willingness of MBIE and ACC to support in-forest training and education related to a revamped Code of Practice. We need to urgently implement measures that we have been developing for the last couple of years.”

The association is also working with all parties including MBIE and ACC on an independent review to try to understand what more can be done to address the root causes of harm and death in the industry.

“The review of health and safety practices following Pike River has shown that forestry and other industries associated with high incidences of injury need to reassess the culture that everyone at all levels is working to. We are committed to doing that,” said Mr Nicholls.

Sheldon Drummond, chair of the Forest Owners health & safety committee, says the association does not represent all forest owners. “But by working in partnership with MBIE and ACC we believe we can make the changes in work practices and standards that are needed across the whole industry.

“Safer forest workplaces will be achieved by a combination of approaches by government, industry and others, all working with a common goal.”

Trevor Walton
FOA communications
Tel 021 381 465

For more information, please ring FOA President Paul Nicholls 027 595 8708 or Chief Executive David Rhodes, Tel 027 495 5525

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