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From January 2014 an industry levy has been imposed on all harvested wood from New Zealand plantation forests. Currently set at 27c per tonne the levy collects around $10 million a year, which is administered by a Trust and invested in areas of research, development and promotion to further advance NZ forestry both here and overseas. The Trust website is

Forest Growers levy

Growing the forest story: Forest Call

Forestry has come out of the shadows into the spotlight. Our industry is undoubtedly New Zealand’s main weapon against climate change by locking up vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Forest Call Episode 1
    Join Don Carson for an inside look into Forestry in NZ. This show has an extensive interview with Forestry Minister Shane Jones plus new technology being used in our forests.…
  • Forest Call Episode 2
    In Forest Call this week we look at falcons and kaka, two quite different examples of endangered bird species in our plantation forests, and talk to Scion’s fire research team…
  • Forest Call episode 3
    In Forest Call this week we talk to Paul Burridge about the career opportunities for young people in forestry – the sector with the most guaranteed growth curve. We also…
  • Forest Call episode 4
    Today we head off out of the forests and off to some tall timber of another sort. Wooden construction high rise. It was once that going to two stories, with…
  • Forest Call episode 5
    Today we make a call on Climate Change, what trees can do about resisting it and how it works. Plus an interview with Murray Sherwin from NZ Productivity Commission 2…
  • Forest Call episode 6
    This week we look at native trees with a trip to Matakana and other species including eucalyptus and Pinus radiata. plus an interview with Peter Berg. One post Post from…
  • Forest Call episode 7
    This week our focus is on health and safety. Forestry gets bad press for safety performance. However in real terms,, the forest industry does a better job of health and…
  • Forest Call episode 8
    Forest Call this week looks at how the industry is dealing with the issue of forest debris flows from the massive storms at Tolaga Bay and Takaka earlier this year.…
  • Forest Call episode 9
    On this show Geoff Thompson from the Forest growers Levy Trust; and a report on new technology to fight moths from Scion. One post Post from Dean Satchell on October 10,…
  • Forest Call episode 10
    In the final of our series Don Carson looks at pests, diseases and the science going into our forestry industry. No posts yetAdd a post

Levy News

Levy funded guidelines

  • Timber Harvesting in New Zealand
    By Rien Visser, NZ School of Forestry, December 2016. Introduction: Plantation forests occupy about 7% of the NZ land area and forestry and logging employ about 7,000 people directly. About…

  • Small scale forestry safety guidelines
    Introduction: The following is not a comprehensive guide to health and safety for small-scale forestry. It is an outline introduction to some of the requirements and responsibilities of the current…


Forest Growers Research

FGR Research programmes

FGR Conference presentations

Forest Growers Research Annual Conference, October 2017
  • Forest Growers Levy Update
  • Risk Management
    1. Red needle cast and other needle diseases of radiata pine
    2. Satellite monitoring of red needle cast (RNC)
    3. Myrtle rust
    4. Responding to new pest incursions in urban areas
    5. Log fumigation: update on research into alternatives to methyl bromide
  • Licence to Operate
    1. Erosion sources and sediment pathways to streams associated with forest harvesting activities
    2. Effectiveness of riparian margins for trapping sediment in steepland plantations
    3. ErodeNZ: the story so far
    4. Stream recovery in harvested catchments following a major storm
    5. The fate of copper in waterways
    6. Material flows and end uses of harvested wood products produced from New Zealand log exports
  • Small Forest Grower Research
    1. Eucalyptus nitens breeding
    2. Performance of naturally durable eucalypt posts in Marlborough vineyards
    3. The Forecaster Calculator V1
    4. Improving small plantation and woodlot inventory
  • Nursery & Seedling Optimisation, Bio-Stimulants, & Foliar Fertilising
    1. Nursery and seedling optimisation
    2. Murray’s Nurseries: low input and innovative nursery management
    3. Bio-protection successes
    4. Biostimulants and foliar sprays
  • Remote Sensing
    1. Industry applications of UAVs
    2. Summary of Remote Sensing projects at Scion
    3. Remote sensing adoption within the forest industry




  • The levy on harvested wood after five years
    Geoff Thompson, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2018. Forestry is in the spotlight now but for a long time was an industry taken for granted and largely banished from bureaucratic…
  • New technology for targeted pest detection and control
    Tara Strand and Harriet Palmer, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2018. Most small-scale forest owners spend a good deal of time keeping their fingers crossed that their trees will survive…
  • New radiata pine calculator
    Harriet Palmer, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2018. Farm foresters can now test out different management options for existing or planned radiata pine plantations with a new on-line calculator – the Forecaster…
  • The levy-funded Forest Resources and Environment Committee
    Don Wallace, New Zealand Tree Grower, November 2017 The Forest Resources and Environment Committee, commonly known as the Environment Committee, is one of several joint NZFFA/NZFOA committees funded by the…
  • Improving small plantation and woodlot inventory using remote sensing - how you can help
    Jonathan Dash and Michael Watt, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2017. Small plantations and woodlots comprise around 36 per cent of the total New Zealand plantation estate. Growers of these woodlots…
  • Eyes in the Sky
    Michelle Harnett and Jonathan Dash, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2017. Lit up like a Christmas tree is a good description of a laser-generated image of a forest. Stunning images…
  • Helping owners of small-scale forests know more about the forest growers' levy
    Glenn Tims and Bruce Bulloch, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2017. In this page: Roadshows begin Portrait of  forest growers' levy information session The NZFFA receives some funding from the…
  • The Forest Industry Safety Council report
    Allan Laurie, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2017. The work of the Forestry Industry Safety Council (FISC) continues to gain momentum under the Chairmanship of Dame Alison Paterson and the…
  • Levy funded research conference
    Julian Bateson, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2017. In mid-October last year, the Forest Growers Research Conference was held in Napier. It was a two-day event with the first day…
  • Timber Harvesting in New Zealand
    By Rien Visser, NZ School of Forestry, December 2016. Introduction: Plantation forests occupy about 7% of the NZ land area and forestry and logging employ about 7,000 people directly. About…
  • Forest biosecurity surveillance What does GIA mean for the little guys?
    Bill Dyck, New Zealand Treegrower August 2016. Commercial plantation forestry has entered a new era with a Government Industry Agreement on biosecurity incursions. The NZ Forest Owners Association was the…
  • The Forest Industry Safety Council What is it up to?
    Ian Jackson, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2016. On March 16 at the Forestwood conference in Auckland, on behalf of NZFFA, I signed the charter for the Forest Industry Safety…
  • Scion Rural Fire Research Group – Understanding extreme fire behaviour
    Richard Parker, Veronica Clifford, Tara Strand, Grant Pearce & Lisa Langer, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2016. The Scion Rural Fire Research Group is New Zealand’s only provider of specialist fire research…
  • Special purpose timbers research project
    Peter Berg, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2016. Scion’s diverse species programme came to an end a year or so ago. At this time a number of people in the forest growing…
  • Road shows about the forest grower levy
    Hamish Levack, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2016. The forest grower levy was established at the beginning of 2014 and has had a significant effect. Before the levy was introduced…
  • Levy funded Transportation Committee
    John Robinson, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2015. The Transportation Committee has a work programme to complete on behalf of the wider levy paying community. This programme aims to represent…
  • Douglas fir and Swiss needle cast
    Patrick Milne, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2015. Douglas fir, with upwards of 110,000 hectares planted, is New Zealand’s second most commonly planted forest tree. Often referred to as Oregon pine,…
  • Forest research in the levy environment
    Patrick Milne, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2015. The forest commodity levy of 27 cents a tonne of harvested wood has been collected since the beginning of 2014. In the…
  • The forest growers’ levy and how it is working
    Geoff Thompson, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2014. For those of us harvesting since the beginning of January there is a new line item in the reporting invoice. A levy…
  • Management of forest growing research and development - The levy at work
    Russell Dale, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2014. With the introduction of a compulsory forest growing levy in January 2014, much of the industry-good research which was previously funded by…
  • Forest biosecurity committee
    Bill Dyck, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2014. With over 1,000 pests and pathogens worldwide which can attack radiata pine, and thousands more that can affect other New Zealand plantation…



  • Steve Wilton re-elected to Forest Levy board October 2015
    Steve Wilton has been re-elected to the Forest Growers Levy Trust board as a representative of growers of small plantation forests. He was challenged by Guy Farman who, like Mr…
  • Forest grower poll open October 2015
    Voting is now open for the person who will represent owners of smaller forests on the Forest Growers Levy Trust board. Voting is now open for the person who will…
  • Forest Growers Levy Trust 2015 Board Election September 2015
    Voting for board vacancy 5 – 16 October 2015: Notice to representatives of owners of less than 1000 ha of forest. For voting and entitlement information plus the voting form…
  • Notice to Forest Growers Levy Payers August 2015
    Nominations to fill board vacancies open 1 - 18 September 2015 For more information visit
    Audited voting results: Successful candidates Greater than 1,000 ha net stocked area category – weighted forest production votes Philip Taylor Paul Nicholls Bill McCallum David James Balfour Under 1,000 ha…
  • NZFFA member nominations to Levy Board standing for less than 1000 ha category November 2013
  • Forest growers to elect first board October 2013
    The Forest Growers Levy Trust, the new organisation representing the interests of all plantation forest owners, large and small, is calling for nominations for its first elected board.  Chair Geoff…
    A referendum of forest growers has shown strong support for a levy on harvested forest products. "We have been given the thumbs-up to introduce a funding system that will provide…
    Polls in the Forest Voice referendum will be open from 1-29 March, a week longer than originally intended. The organisers, the Forest Growers Levy Trust, say this will make voting…
  • Forest growers plan industry vote October 2012
    Forest growers will decide the future direction and funding of their industry in a referendum being held in March next year. “Forestry has a huge untapped potential. To achieve that…


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