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Tree Grower articles

  • Action groups weekend field days in the Bay of Plenty
    Julian Bateson, February 2015
    It was dark and stormy night more than once during the week before the action groups weekend. However, we did not have to worry. The Bay of Plenty turned on…
  • Action groups partly virtual weekend
    Julian Bateson, May 2014
    The weekend in November each year when all the special action groups meet is becoming much more of an event these days. In November last year, around 100 people turned…
  • Combined Action Group weekend a great educational choice
    Ian Brown and Dean Satchell, February 2010
    The Hawkes Bay group were hosts for the combined action group weekend in October last year. The field day focussed mainly on eucalypts and redwood. Eucalypts We visited the McNeil…

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