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Special Interest Groups

Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation

Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation (AMIGO) Brings together members interested in growing Tasmanian Blackwood - professional forest researchers, timber marketers and commercial users in an information sharing network aimed at creating a sustainable NZ resource of plantation grown quality hardwood.

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Cypress Development Group

There is a huge amount of innovative work on cypress varieties, management and silvicultural regimes being undertaken by NZFFA members. The Cypress Action Group collates existing research and pools the experience and knowledge of farm foresters growing cypresses.

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Eucalypt Action Group

Eucalypts have been a particular focus of farm foresters since the earliest days of our association over 50 years ago. The Eucalypt Action Group has a focus on eucalypts for hardwood solid timber end uses. We promote growing of eucalypts for the timbers natural durability, strength and hardness properties and decorative appearance. Eucalypt timber is suitable for on-farm uses such as posts and rails, along with structural applications such as exposed beams and decorative applications such as flooring and furniture.

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Indigenous Forest Section

IFS Promotes indigenous forestry (including timber production), and to manage these forests in an ecologically sustainable fashion so that they retain their unique characteristics for the benefit of future generations.

Indigena is the quarterly journal of the Indigenous Section of the NZFFA. The journal includes articles relating to all aspects of indigenous forestry such as sustainable management for conservation, biodiversity enhancement and wood production, as well as riparian management, shelter and amenity, establishment of native trees, and the restoration of degraded areas of native vegetation. Members of the Indigenous Forest Section receive Indigena as part of their subscription. To join the section contact Head Office of the NZFFA or join online. Copies of Indigena are also available to non-members at $10 per issue, $40 for four issues, including postage. Contact John Wardle, PO Box 40, Oxford, Canterbury. Make cheques payable to the Indigenous Forest Section NZFFA.

Members can download back issues from the IFS members page.

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Sequoia Action Group

Now that the old-growth redwood forests of western USA are no longer available as a source of this prized timber, attention is focussing on the very promising potential for sustainably plantation-grown redwood (Sequoia) in New Zealand.

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Forestry Investment Action Group

The Forest Investment Action group was formed to provide growers and investors advocacy and information so radiata forestry continues to be profitable in New Zealand.

The Forest Investment Action group meets regularly in Wellington.

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Oak Action Group

The Oak Action Group formed in June 2018 to encourage the planting and utilisation of oak trees in New Zealand.

Oak is an important timber species in the northern hemisphere and anecdotal information suggests many species grow faster in New Zealand than their countries of origin. Some initial trials of English oak was established about 70 - 80 years ago but little research and evaluation work has been done since.

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