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  • Growing totara for timber
    Totara (Podocarpus totara) is one of New Zealand’s most easily grown native species. It has an extensive natural range and tolerates a wide variety of sites. It readily regenerates from…

Tree Grower articles

  • Survey of existing uses and market potential of naturally regenerated farm totara
    Paul Quinlan and David Bergin, February 2012
    The Northland Totara Working Group has completed a survey on the uses and market potential of naturally regenerated farm totara timber. The results are very encouraging. There was clear support…
  • Totara – a growing resource
    Dave Cown, David Bergin and Paul Quinlan, November 2009
    Totara is widely distributed throughout New Zealand, from sea level to over 500 metres, on well drained flood plains and drought prone hills, and on clay to volcanic soils. Totara…
  • Totara – Northland’s farm forests of the future
    Helen Moodie, Paul Quinlan, David Bergin and Chris Kennedy, November 2007
    Introducing the vision, activities, objectives and profile of the Northland Totara Working Group. It may be hard for people outside Northland to imagine, but totara are so vigorous and abundant…



  • Matters of 'the heart'
    Paul Quinlan, Northland Totara Working Group newsletter, August 2019
    Heartwood development in tōtara trees Tōtara heartwood is one of the most durable timbers in the world. However, this reputation was built on timber from old-growth forests with trees of…
  • Good Conversion from Bad Trees
    Northland Totara Working Group newsletter, August 2019
    Harvest tree selection and conversion rates for farm-tōtara trees. Recent harvests of farm-tōtara by the Tōtara Industry Pilot project (TIP), show that reasonable amounts of sawn timber can be recovered…
  • How Old Before You Can Harvest?
    Northland Totara Working Group newsletter, August 2019
    Ring counts of harvested tōtara trees reveal age Scion scientists have studied discs from farm-tōtara trees harvested as part of the Tōtara Industry Pilot (TIP) project. The median age of…
  • Harvesting & Continuous Cover Forestry
    Paul Quinlan, Harvesting & Continuous Cover Forestry: Northland Totara Working Group newsletter, August 2019
    Focus on what is left behind! Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Permits and Plans approved under the Forest Act, provide for the harvesting of podocarps like tōtara by selecting and extracting…



  • Report: Trees for steep slopes - totara
    Dean Satchell, July 2018 (Access: unrestricted)
    Totara is a native conifer and member of the podocarp family, with two species growing into large trees, Podocarpus totara and P. hallii. These species naturally hybridise (Bergin, 2003), with P. hallii being predominant in…
  • Report: Pathways to Building Code compliance for farm-totara timber
    Dean Satchell, June 2016 (Access: unrestricted)
    Potential markets for farm-totara timber would be significantly improved by providing compliance pathways under New Zealand’s performance-based Building Code. A range of products and applications hold the promise of market…






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