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Members of the NZ Farm Forestry Association have been growing eucalypts for many decades and have valuable experience to share. We recommend you join NZFFA and the Eucalyptus Action Group, get involved with your local NZFFA branch, and visit some local growers to learn more about growing eucalypts for timber.

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  • Report: Trees for steep slopes - Eucalyptus
    Dean Satchell, July 2018 (Access: unrestricted)
    Eucalyptus are hardwood species but with very variable properties between species. Some species have soft, non-durable timber while others yield very hard, very durable timber. Selecting eucalypt species that grow fast,…
  • Report: Eucalyptus nitens for solid timber
    Dean Satchell, May 2015 (Access: unrestricted)
    Eucalyptus nitens is a cold hardy and fast growing hardwood timber species with excellent form. In Canterbury, along with other cooler regions in New Zealand, E. nitens produces high volumes…
  • Report: Eucalypt timber species evaluation
    Angus Gordon, July 2007 (Access: unrestricted)
    This project set out to test the survival and subsequent growth of a group of eucalypt species that have the potential for the production of naturally durable solid timber. The…
Eucalyptus Action Group reports
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E. fastigata calculator



  • Stringing Up the Stringybarks: Denis Hocking's blog, July 08, 2017
    The stringybark eucalypts were identified some years ago as a promising group for solid wood production in New Zealand with a combination of good growth rates, early heartwood formation, relatively…
  • Eucalyptus selection for New Zealand - what is the elephant in the room?: Dean Satchell's blog, November 10, 2016
    We each grow forest plantations for a reason. Those reasons may vary, but my primary reason is for a return on my investment. This means producing wood or fibre as fast as…
  • Modern eucalyptus sawmilling technology in Tasmania: Dean Satchell's blog, December 31, 2015
    Whilst in Tasmania during December 2015 I had the fortuitous opportunity to visit Newood sawmill near Huonville at the invitation of mill manager Josh Turnbill. This mill was set up…
  • Sawing fence posts from Eucalyptus maculata: Dean Satchell's blog, September 19, 2015
    I planted a small stand of E. maculata (Spotted gum) 21 years ago in Northland, after being really impressed with an old stand of trees that were milled by David…
  • Product research priorities for eucalyptus: Dean Satchell's blog, November 12, 2014
    Scion are currently preparing an Diverse Species bid to MB on behalf of the forest industry. This is a partnership between Future Forests Research, University of Canterbury and Scion, and…
  • Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa, my favourite durable timber species: Dean Satchell's blog, December 20, 2014
    Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa is a class 1 durable eucalypt species that I introduced into New Zealand in the mid-1990's. I was looking for a highly durable species from the monocalyptus group…
  • Eucalyptus laevopinea for high value hardwood: Dean Satchell's blog, May 25, 2014
    Eucalyptus laevopinea (silvertop stringybark) is a eucalyptus species that grows really fast and produces a high quality hardwood timber. It comes from the tablelands of New South Wales and is both…
  • Lost durable eucalypt trials, Northland: Dean Satchell's blog, May 24, 2014
    Tucked away in the back-blocks of Northland are two important research trials of durable eucalypts. These trials have been abandoned by the researchers for some time, as happens repeatedly in…


Research Archives

The Eucalyptus Action Group are archiving research trials, to gain access you need to be an EAG member:


Eucalypt Handbook

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species No. 2: EUCALYPTS

Editor: Ian Nicholas

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Timber properties and marketing
Chapter 3: Site selection
Chapter 4: Health
Chapter 5: Species selection, seed source and breeding
Chapter 6: Establishment and nutrition
Chapter 7: Pruning and thinning
Chapter 8: Growth models
Chapter 9: Economic analysis
Chapter 10: Utilisation
Chapter 11: Other uses of eucalypts; Foliage, fodder, honey, bioenergy
Chapter 12: Summary
Chapter 13: Glossary
Chapter 14: References and web links


Eucalypt Posters

Single page illustrated research summaries
pdf file [1.1 Mb] Stringybark Eucalypt Evaluations in New Zealand
pdf file [2.8 Mb] Eucalypt Species for Sawn Timber
pdf file [1.7 Mb] Comparison of Pruning Regimes for Nine-year-old Eucalyptus nitens
pdf file [2.8 Mb] Siting Eucalypts
pdf file [0.9 Mb] Branching Patterns in E. regnans Second Logs


Tree Grower articles

  • Towards solid timber production from Eucalyptus nitens
    Dean Satchell, August 2015
    Eucalyptus nitens is a cold hardy hardwood timber species with very fast growth and excellent form. In Canterbury, along with other cooler regions in New Zealand, E. nitens produces high…
  • NZDFI and ground durable eucalypts
    Julian Bateson, August 2015
    On the following pages is a report of the ground durable eucalypt field day in June held in the Wairarapa. It also seemed to be a good idea to remind…
  • Australian forest growers biennial national conference
    John Millet, May 2014
    This conference was held at Gympie in south-east Queensland in October 2013 along with a pre-conference bus tour from Brisbane north to Gympie. Travelling to sub-tropical northern New South Wales…
  • Improving siting recommendations for farm forestry eucalypts using GIS maps
    Angus Gordon, February 2014
    This mapping project set out to collect growth performance data on a range of eucalypt species which were planted in the 2004 species survival trial, project SFF L03-007. All the…
  • Onwards and upwards for the NZ Dryland Forests Initiative
    Harriet Palmer, August 2013
    Around 10 years ago Paul Millen saw the opportunity for locally grown ground durable eucalypts to replace treated pine posts in Marlborough’s vineyards. The market for vineyard posts alone is…
  • Progress with hardwood forestry
    Dean Satchell, May 2013
    The Sustainable Farming Fund-backed work of the Eucalyptus Action Group and farm foresters are producing promising results. Trees from research packs planted 10 years ago around New Zealand are providing…
  • Propagating ground-durable eucalypts using cuttings from coppice
    Mike Menzies, Mike Dibley, Charlie Low and Ruth McConnochie, November 2012
    The Future Forests Research Diversified Species Programme has a number of projects aimed at improving the supply of quality planting stock for growers. Species involved include redwoods, cypress, indigenous species…
  • Dryland Forest Initiative Field day in Marlborough
    Paul Millen, February 2011
    In September last year a group of about 40 gathered at Andrew and Ngaire Lawson’s property. They were all keen to look around the Dryland Forests Initiative’s trials planted a…
  • Timber recovery and economics of short-rotation small-diameter eucalypt forestry
    Dean Satchell & James Turner, February 2011
    The high value and the diversity of end uses for eucalypt hardwood timber are increasingly being recognised. However, the downside is that eucalypts are considered problematic to mill. A new…
  • Eucalyptus cladocalyx ? Adolescent with an attitude problem?
    Denis Hocking, August 2010
    Eucalyptus cladocalyx is not one of the common farm forestry species in New Zealand and has been planted in only limited numbers round the country. There are specimens around but I…
  • Growth and wood from eucalypts in Rotehu forest
    Trevor Jones, August 2010
    The adaptation of different eucalypt species to climatic conditions and the type of wood produced varies widely. The 1980 species demonstration planting at Rotoehu forest, in the Bay of Plenty, provided…
  • A love affair with eucalypts
    Graham Milligan, August 2010
    One of the characteristics of the dedicated farm forester is enthusiasm in attempting to grow a wide range of species outside the ubiquitous radiata pine. This has manifested itself in…
  • Dryland Forests Initiative has funding support for the next few years
    Paul Millen, August 2010
    If we can ensure a future supply of home grown naturally durable eucalypt hardwood it will also help diversify land use, mitigate climate change and reduce soil erosion. Establishing durable…
  • Eucalypts in the sand country
    Denis Hocking, August 2010
    I would not quite say that eucalypts have wound up as my alternative species of choice as a default, but it has been an interesting trip sorting out what good…
  • Eucalypts grown for seed
    Lesley Christian, August 2010
    There is probably no other member of the NZFFA as well known to our membership as Graham Milligan – his booming voice, bushy beard and bare knees make him instantly…
  • A significant step for improved hardwood
    Paul Millen, November 2009
    The New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative has planted its first eucalypt breeding population. This is a significant step towards producing genetically improved, New Zealand grown hardwood. Representatives from the project…
  • The multi-purpose eucalypt trial at Makoura
    Don Bell, May 2009
    The Makoura Stream currently receives all the treated effluent water from the Masterton Sewage Plant. Masterton District Council has lodged a resource consent application to discharge treated effluent water to…
  • More about durable eucalypts for vineyard timber
    Paul Millen, February 2009
    In recent years the Tree Grower has followed the fortunes of a durable eucalypt project I have been working on. The aim is to have treated pine vineyard posts replaced…
  • Alleviating the boredom with eucalypts
    Denis Hocking, November 2008
    The coastal sand country of the south-western North Island is probably one of the easiest places in New Zealand to grow radiata pine. There are few disease or physiological problems,…
  • Eucalypts for vineyards
    Allan Levett, February 2008
    An important workshop for eucalyptus growers in vineyard regions was held on in July last year, significantly in Blenheim, New Zealand’s largest wine-producing centre. Growing ground durable hardwood for vineyard…
  • Ground durable eucalypts for vineyard posts
    Paul Millen, November 2006
    This article provides an update on research being undertaken in Marlborough to identify eucalypt species suitable for short rotation production of ground durable roundwood – timber which would be suitable…
  • Eucalypts for timber: My experience and my floor
    Don Tantrum, November 2006
    I began planting eucalypts about 30 years ago. I soon discovered that not all I wished to grow did grow. The Taihape climate soon curbed my enthusiasm. I will not…
  • Use of New Zealand grown eucalypts
    Richard Davies-Colley, November 2006
    The development of industries using eucalypt timber is still in its infancy in New Zealand. We have only small areas of mixed species, limited knowledge of the product and therefore…
  • Health issues with eucalypts
    Denis Hocking, November 2006
    Health issues with eucalypts fall into three main categories – insect pests, foliar disease and root diseases caused by fungi and Phytophthora species. While insect pests tend to get the…
  • Pests and eastern blue gums in the Manawatu
    James Milner, November 2006
    The arrival of new eucalypt pests in New Zealand has caused many farm foresters to abandon species which have proved to be particularly vulnerable, including eastern blue gums such as…
  • Eucalypt species trials in the Wairarapa and Hawke’s Bay
    Luigi Gea and Tony Shelbourne, November 2006
    There is interest among New Zealands small growers in growing eucalypts for sawn timber.  Recent research funded by FRST has concentrated on species introduction and testing of a group of…
  • Pruning and thinning eucalyptus - Stringybark eucalypt silviculture
    Dean Satchell, November 2006
    Equipped with a harness, pole-pruner and ladder Silviculture of eucalypts for solid-timber requires some understanding of the tree and the timber. That is, a level of skill and knowledge guiding…




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