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  • Testing the strength of Douglas-fir cross-laminated timber
    Minghao Li and Harriet Palmer, November 2018
    Douglas fir is New Zealand’s second most popular plantation species with a total current planted area of around 104,000 hectares. Renowned as a structural timber, Douglas fir has been generally overlooked…
  • Douglas fir and Swiss needle cast
    Patrick Milne, May 2015
    Douglas fir, with upwards of 110,000 hectares planted, is New Zealand’s second most commonly planted forest tree. Often referred to as Oregon pine, it is now mostly planted on higher altitude…
  • Ernslaw One Douglas fir plantation
    Chris Bossley, August 2010
    Over lunch at Dipton Hall, on yet another fine day with the usual apologies from the locals for the weather, we were told about Ernslaw One’s vision for Douglas fir.…
  • Understanding the stability of Douglas fir timber
    Author not published, August 2007
    Douglas fir has a history within the building industry as strong, stiff and stable timber, ideal for structural applications. Different interpretations of good stability can be given such as low…
  • Douglas fir – Southern gold
    Phil De La Mare and Matt Hitchings, August 2007
    Ernslaw One has a planted forest area of 85,000 hectares, of which 13,000 hectares are planted in Douglas fir in Otago and Southland. There has always been a history of…
  • Douglas fir – Grows well and reproduces well
    Nick Ledgard, August 2007
    Over the last decade, southern New Zealand has seen more new land planting of Douglas fir than any other tree species – including radiata pine. The reason is because it…
  • Responding to moisture: How do Douglas fir and radiata compare?
    Andrew Karalus, August 2007
    Three research projects undertaken for the Douglas fir Cooperative have set out to quantify the differences between Douglas fir and radiata pine in terms of the responses to moisture by…
  • Standing up for Douglas fir
    Andrew Karalus, August 2007
    It seems as if it were only yesterday that a coalition of the willing formed the Forestry Industry Action Group to submit against the Building Industry Association leaky homes proposal…



  • Report: Trees for steep slopes - Douglas fir
    Dean Satchell, July 2018 (Access: unrestricted)
    Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, is native to western North America, growing in humid summer-dry regions with mild climates, from sea level up to elevations of 800 metres in British Columbia (Miller & Knowles, 1994). Douglas-fir is…




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