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New Zealand Tree Grower, May 2018

  • Is there a case for timely pruning?
    Wink Sutton
    Two principles have emerged from a lifetime of plantation management research − That the size and the quality of trees at harvest are determined by the decisions at the time of…
  • President's Comment
    Neil Cullen
    In February, Hamish Levack and I met with Minister Shane Jones and two senior MPI officials. Hamish has reported on the details of our discussions in an article in this…
  • Eucalyptus variegated beetle creates concern for eucalypt growers
    Toni Withers, Rebecca McDougal, Michelle Harnett and Tara Murray
    Annoying Australians are over here and eating ‘our’ eucalypt trees. Seven different tortoise beetles, named because their round bodies resemble a tortoise, have arrived in New Zealand and have been…


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