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FISC meeting September 2017

DOC = Department of Conservation
ETS = Emissions trading scheme
EVB = Eucalyptus variegated beetle
FFA = NZ Farm Forestry Association
FGLT = Forest Growers Levy Trust
FGR = Forest Growers Research Ltd
FISC = Forest Industry Safety Council
FLAG = Forest Leadership Action Group
FOA = Forest Owners Association
GIA = Government Industry Agreement
H&S = Health and Safety
WPMA = Wood Processing and Manufacturers Assn
NZIF = NZ Institute of Forestry
MPI = Ministry for Primary Industries
LAWF = Land and Water Forum
IFSR = Independent Forestry Safety Review
MBIE = Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
MfE = Ministry for the Environment
MPI = Ministry for Primary Industries
NES = National Environment Standard
RNC = Red Needle Cast
RUC = Road User Charges
SIG = Special Interest Group
SME = Small and Medium Enterprise
SSFO = Small Scale Forest Owner
TG = Tree Grower magazine
UC = University of Canterbury


Report of FISC meeting
Teleconference- 22 September 2017

There has been for some time a FISC Technical Action Group that has been involved in training, but that work will now be picked up by a new committee under the FOA/FFA umbrella and will also include career promotion. The committee will be financed through the FGLT fund and be chaired by Warwick Foran.
The FISC mandate as agreed does not include the promotion of Forestry as a career or other associated promotion, so taking this out of the FISC area was seen as entirely appropriate.

Chairs Report.

Dame Alison reported that ACC was “really comfortable” with the direction being taken by FISC and that the agreed funding of $540,000 was being spent in appropriate areas and in an appropriate manner.
After much deliberation over recent times it was decided that Wiremu Edmonds be given the responsibility for providing a Maori perspective to the Council.

National Safety Directors Report.

The MILO(maximising Incident Learning Opportunities) project is continuing although is being hampered by some companies not wanting to come forward with incidents for inclusion. The ultimate aim of this project is that results may provide a training resource and this aim is to be emphasised to reporting companies. Worksafe is to endeavour to become more active in this reporting area to the TAG.

Competenz has some concerns over resourcing and providing the administrative support required to bring about certification of Individual Competency. Work to achieve individual certification is ongoing, with resource material produced from the TAG to be packaged up ready for distribution. Five trainer/auditors have already been appointed with these being approved under the Safetree umbrella.

In early October the Contractor Company Certification process will be under way using a technology platform run by Bravegen.  The cost of certification is likely to be $800-$1000.  Work is ongoing to train auditors and FISC will maintain auditor consistency around the country. This whole Contractor Certification process is fraught with problems such as cost, paper work, consistency of auditors and time taken to get through the process.  FISC is hopeful that these problems can be overcome and that a robust certification process can tidy up the contractor sector and provide surety, particularly to small growers, of the competence of a particular contractor.

Growing our safety culture continues with a pilot project with Port Blakely being involved here.


The first of a number of meetings around the country to engage with workers was held in Gisborne.  FISC, Worksafe and the Eastland Wood Council participated in this Hui of local forestry workers where all aspects of H&S were covered. Of particular note was for workers to be able to speak up in confidence of any potential H&S risks.

FISC Strategy and work programme for 2018

A strategy day which I could not attend was held in June, a matter I flagged with the FFA President and an alternate was to be arranged. I have attached the notes from the day.
It was agreed that FISC has an ongoing role, with the draft work plan being based on priorities. Fiona and Dame Alison would meet with all stake holders to discuss the strategy and seek continuing support for the rollout of its activities. 

The work plan for 2018 was approved and adopted.

ACC and Worksafe have been asked to fund projects to the tune of $612,000 in 2018 with the FGLT funding $582,000 for projects and administration.  Worksafe is yet to confirm its funding. The detailed budget is to be presented at the December meeting for Council approval.

A project involving the review and update of some key Safetree resources was a big one. This is being sponsored by ACC, overseen by Warwick Foran and a small TAG is yet to be set up.

The budget for 2017 is on track.

Ian Jackson

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