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Members of the NZ Farm Forestry Association have been growing eucalypts for many decades and have valuable experience to share. We recommend you join NZFFA and the Eucalyptus Action Group, get involved with your local NZFFA branch, and visit some local growers to learn more about growing eucalypts for timber.


Report: Eucalyptus nitens, recovery and economics of processing 15 year old trees for solid timber May 2015
Profitability of fast grown pruned and thinned Canterbury E. nitens was assessed for solid timber production from 15 year old trees.

Progress with hardwood forestry Treegrower, April 2013
The Sustainable Farming Fund-backed work of the Eucalyptus Action Group and farm foresters are producing promising results. Trees from research packs planted 10 years ago around New Zealand are providing an important insight into stringybark eucalypt selection and siting. We now know that stringybark species grow well throughout much of New Zealand. Stringybarks are of high interest as plantation hardwoods because of thier durable timber which is hard and strong.
If you want to be involved in the next generation of Eucalyptus Action Group stringybark trials, contact Angus Gordon 06 388 1571 or Dean Satchell 09 407 5525

Eucalyptus sawmilling report: Small-diameter sawmilling of cold-climate eucalypts June 2010
This project addresses specific problems associated with grade-sawing younger, smaller-diameter plantation ash eucalypt logs in New Zealand. The results from the economic analysis of the stand used for the sawing study are sufficiently encouraging, with an internal rate of return well above that achieved for a typical radiata pine stand.

Improving siting recommendations for farm forestry eucalypts using GIS maps - October 2013
This project set out to collect growth and performance data on 16 Eucalyptus species that had been planted in trial sites across New Zealand during 2004 on 55 sites nationwide.

Stringybark eucalypt species trial report - July 2007
This project set out to test the survival and growth of a group of eucalypt species that have the potential for the production of naturally durable solid timber. The genesis of this project was the current and on going interest showed by farm forestry association members in these particular species, and also those people who see a potential niche market in the production of naturally durable posts for use in the viticulture industry. The focus was primarily on the stringybark  group of eucalypt species, planted in 2004 on 55 sites nationwide.



Sawing fence posts from Eucalyptus maculata: Dean Satchell's blog, September 19, 2015
I planted a small stand of E. maculata (Spotted gum) 21 years ago in Northland, after being really impressed with an old stand of trees that were milled by David…

Eucalyptus laevopinea for high value hardwood: Dean Satchell's blog, May 25, 2014
Eucalyptus laevopinea (silvertop stringybark) is a eucalyptus species that grows really fast and produces a high quality hardwood timber. It comes from the tablelands of New South Wales and is both…

Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa, my favourite durable timber species: Dean Satchell's blog, December 20, 2014
Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa is a class 1 durable eucalypt species that I introduced into New Zealand in the mid-1990's. I was looking for a highly durable species from the monocalyptus group…

Lost durable eucalypt trials, Northland: Dean Satchell's blog, May 24, 2014
Tucked away in the back-blocks of Northland are two important research trials of durable eucalypts. These trials have been abandoned by the researchers for some time, as happens repeatedly in…

Research Archives

The Eucalyptus Action Group are archiving research trials, to gain access you need to be an EAG member:


Practical Information for Growers

Growing Eucalypts for Timber - Videos and Information

NZFFA Guide Sheet No. 3: Eucalypts for Timber
Eucalypt species, establishment and silviculture

Growing cold-climate eucalypts for high quality timber
NZFFA Information leaflet No. 17

High quality timber eucalypts for warmer sites
The stringybark eucalypts, the eastern blue gums and other species:

  • Natural durability in the ground
  • Establishment Pruning and thinning
  • Processing and end use properties
Eucalypt Handbook
Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species No. 2: EUCALYPTS

Editor: Ian Nicholas

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Timber properties and marketing
Chapter 3: Site selection
Chapter 4: Health
Chapter 5: Species selection, seed source and breeding
Chapter 6: Establishment and nutrition
Chapter 7: Pruning and thinning
Chapter 8: Growth models
Chapter 9: Economic analysis
Chapter 10: Utilisation
Chapter 11: Other uses of eucalypts; Foliage, fodder, honey, bioenergy
Chapter 12: Summary
Chapter 13: Glossary
Chapter 14: References and web links

Eucalypt Posters
Single page illustrated research summaries
pdf file [1.1 Mb] Stringybark Eucalypt Evaluations in New Zealand
pdf file [2.8 Mb] Eucalypt Species for Sawn Timber
pdf file [1.7 Mb] Comparison of Pruning Regimes for Nine-year-old Eucalyptus nitens
pdf file [2.8 Mb] Siting Eucalypts
pdf file [0.9 Mb] Branching Patterns in E. regnans Second Logs


Treegrower articles

Progress with hardwood forestry
April 2013

Stringybark eucalypt silviculture
November 2006

Eucalypt species trials in the Wairarapa and Hawke’s Bay
November 2006

Pests and eastern blue gums in the Manawatu
November 2006

Health issues with eucalypts
November 2006

Use of New Zealand grown eucalypts
November 2006

Eucalypts for timber: My experience and my floor
November 2006

Ground durable eucalypts for vineyard posts
November 2006


Trees on Farms videos featuring eucalypts


Other sources of information


Author/source Date 

Summary of contents and
key words 

Available from 


Link to

Eucalypts for Planting 

M.R. Jacobs (FAO publication) 

Still relevant, nice summaries of international experience. 



Jacobs (1979) 

Field Guide to Eucalypts: Vol. 1 South-eastern Australia 

M.I.H.Brooker and D.A. Kleinig 

Full botanical guide to several hundred eucalypt species. Includes colour photos. 

Bloomings Books, Australia, or NZ booksellers 


Brooker and Kleinig (1999) 

Growing eucalypt trees for milling 

Neill Barr 

A comprehensive guide to growing eucalypts for timber in New Zealand, with useful identification data for the common – and many not so common – species. 




N. Barr (1996) 

Extensive eucalyptus photo gallery and species information available at Milligan Seeds   UR   



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