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Members of the NZ Farm Forestry Association have been growing cypress for many decades and have valuable experience to share. We recommend you join NZFFA and the Cypress Development Group, get involved with your local NZFFA branch, and visit some local growers to learn more about growing cypresses for timber.

Practical information for growers

  • Growing Cypresses for Timber - Videos and Information
    Here you will find a series of short videos and information notes providing ‘back to basics’ information on growing cypresses for timber. We hope these resources will encourage you to…
  • NZFFA Guide Sheet No. 4: The Cypresses
    In this page: Introduction Establishment Silviculture Introduction The cypresses are amongst the most favoured ‘alternative” timber species in farm forestry circles. They are moderate to lower density softoods (360-380 kg/m3)…
  • No. 21 Growing cypresses for timber
    NZFFA Information leaflet No. 21 (2005). There is no doubt about it, if you want to grow trees in New Zealand for maximum profit with least risk, its very difficult to…


Tree Grower Articles

  • Comparing the wood properties of cypress species
    Charlie Low, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2006. Cypress species have been grown in New Zealand for many years as a substitute for native timbers. The development of portable sawmills has…
  • Milling cypresses and the marketing challenge
    Don Tantrum, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2006. I have been selecting, propagating, growing and managing cypresses for over 25 years including everything from controlled pollination to milling. We now have…
  • Macrocarpa – keeping faith with the old faithful
    Denis Hocking, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2006. In the first part of this issue of Tree Grower we are featuring articles covering some of the varying species and clones of…
  • Hybrid cypresses – a future plantation option
    Patrick Milne, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2006. Cypresses have been one of the most popular species advocated and planted over the last 20 years to compliment radiata forestry. This has…
  • Are we still planting cypresses on the right site?
    Patrick Milne, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2006. There is increasing interest in cypresses as alternative softwood species for plantation forestry in New Zealand. While cypresses as a whole will grow…
  • Instability in lusitanica - a learning curve
    Ian Brown, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2005, I am a fan of cypress, and have been growing them with variable success for 25 years. What I have referred to as…
  • Floating golden cypress
    Derrick Rooney, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2005. Last year, the news broke that a previously unknown species of conifer had been found among the remnants of moist karst forest in…
  • A personal view of Leyland cypress
    Ian Brown, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2005. My interest in Leyland cypress goes back to 1980, when my brother Richard and I bought 400 Leighton Green cuttings from Joll Hosking…
  • Debate about cypress management
    Allan Levett & Don Tantrum, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2005. This article presents a short debate about cypress management with contributions from Allan Levett and Don Tantrum Allan Levett’s views…


Cypress calculator


Research Reports

Cypress Handbook:
Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species No. 1: CYPRESSES

Editor: Ian Nicholas

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Timber properties and market
Chapter 3 - Siting and land use options
Chapter 4 - Health
Chapter 5 - Seed source, breeding and propagation
Chapter 6 - Establishment and management options
Chapter 7 - Pruning and thinning
Chapter 8 - Cypress growth model and example regimes
Chapter 9 - Economic analysis
Chapter 10 - Utilisation
Chapter 11 and 12 - Summary, references and web links


Research Archives

The Cypress Development Group are archiving research trials, to gain access you need to be a CDG member:

Cypress species and planting trials


Trees on Farms Videos



  • Industry looks beyond radiata March 2016
    Future generations of New Zealanders may live in a patchwork landscape where several different forest species compete on the hills for growing space with the familiar Pinus radiata. “Radiata is…
  • New resources available - practical information on growing cypresses and eucalypts for timber October 2015
    A series of short videos and information notes providing basic practical information on growing cypresses and eucalypts for timber is now available. The resources, produced thanks to the MPI Sustainable…
  • Diverse Forests, Emerging Opportunities June 2015
    Issue 4, June 2015 Partnership success! We are pleased to announce that the new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment partnership programme has been approved, and look forward to the…
  • Support for radiata alternatives welcomed May 2015
    Forest owners have welcomed government support for research into plantation species other than radiata pine. “Radiata pine is the backbone of the New Zealand forest industry and likely always will…
  • Government and industry work together to build high value wood exports May 2015
    The new government funding awarded to a Future Forests Research (FFR) led programme is a significant boost to creating a high-value specialty wood products industry from planted forest species other…
  • Diverse Forests, Emerging Opportunities Issue 2 January 2015
    Issue 2, January 2015 A new future for diverse forests research Welcome to the second edition of our quarterly newsletter. In the first issue (September 2014), we highlighted our recent…
  • Workshops promote diverse benefits of trees on farms September 2011
    A new three year programme of regionally-based workshops launching this November will help pastoral farmers and their advisors identify the economic and environmental benefits of planting trees on their properties…


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